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The Invigorating Feel: The Splendid Varieties of Flavored Tea

Varieties of Flavored Tea
They say tea is liquid wisdom. But I believe in what Okakura says; "tea is the religion of the art of life". If you love to indulge yourself in a hot cup of tea at any possible occasion you find to, this post explaining the different flavored tea varieties may make you want to try out something different!
Mrunal Belvalkar
Last Updated: Jan 13, 2018
Did you know that tea is the second most widely drunk beverage after water? I am sure that made you feel proud of being a tea-drinker! 'Tea' refers to the mixture of leaves and leaf-buds of the plant Camellia sinensis. 'Tea' also refers to the beverage made out of the above product - the tea you drink; while the plant Camellia sinensis from which tea is obtained is also commonly known as tea plant. Tea usually needs a tropical or sub-tropical climate to be grown; however some varieties are grown in the United States as well, in Washington.
Basic Tea Types
There are three basic types of tea. Though the tea leaves that make up the tea come from the same plant - Camellia sinensis - the way in which the leaves are treated during the manufacturing process of each of the teas makes them smell and taste different, and also gives them a different color. Black Tea is probably the most common and well-known type of tea. 2 prominent examples of this type of tea are Assam Tea and Darjeeling Tea. Even Nepal Tea is an example of black tea. This tea is brewed using boiling water that produces a rich tannin color and strong taste. The other type of tea is Green Tea. It is mostly consumed for its health benefits. It has a kind of 'herbal' taste - you can actually feel like you are drinking a concoction of leaves. It is abundantly grown in China and Japan. Finally the Oolong Tea has an intermediate taste between black and green tea. Some people describe the taste of oolong tea as 'woody'!
Types of tea
Flavored Tea Varieties
Tea is consumed through different countries all over the world; and each kind of people have added their own special ingredients and flavors to teas such that they suit their taste, their climate, their culture and even their health! Here is a list of different varieties of flavored tea.
Fruit Flavored Tea: This is a good alternative to plain tea, especially for those who love fruits! Different varieties include Apple Tea, Apricot Tea, Currant Tea, Grapefruit Tea, Orange Tea, Passion-fruit Tea, Pomegranate Tea and many more.
Apple Tea In Glass
Berry Tea: This includes teas flavored with all sorts of berries. Different varieties available are blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, forest berry, raspberry and the likes.
Berry Tea
Spices-Condiments Flavored Tea: This is for those who like teas with a strong characteristic flavor. Varieties include Ginger Tea, Cinnamon Tea, Sesame Tea, Clove Tea, Cardamom Tea, etc.
Ginger Tea
Other Flavors: There are teas of several other flavors available as well, like hazelnut, almond, caramel, creme, and even chocolate tea! Flowers have also been used to flavor teas. Jasmine tea is a well-known example.
Jasmine Tea
Tea Additives
Different additives may also change the flavor and aroma of tea and greatly affect its taste. Commonly used additives are listed below.
Milk: Many tea enthusiasts all over the world say adding milk to tea actually spoils the taste of tea! However, milk is one of the most common tea additives. It Gives the tea a sweetish taste. Adding milk to tea is also advised to those people who suffer from acidity, as milk tea is gentler on the stomach than black tea.
Glass of milk
Honey: The benefits of honey are many and known. It cures mild cough and respiratory infections, acts as a blood purifier, gets rid of free radicals in the body and even helps you develop a strong immune system. Need you any more reasons to add a spoonful of honey to your tea? Guess not!
Glass of milk
Lemon: Squeeze a slice of lemon into your tea, and you have yourself a healthy drink that will help detoxify your body! Lemon is also a great source of Vitamin C. Tea with a spoonful of lemon juice tastes absolutely yummy! (A personal favorite!)
Lemons Cut Out
Lemongrass: Lemongrass added to regular tea can work wonders for on a cold. Lemongrass gives tea a typically sweet and herbal flavor. (Another personal favorite and a strong recommendation!)
Lemongrass Tea
Tea - any kind in general - has a lot of health benefits; from anti-oxidation to stress-relief to anti-depressant properties, and even helps keep bad breath at bay! Having a cup of tea everyday can boost your immune system and keep you healthy and feeling fresh throughout the day. As someone rightly said, tea is a cup of life!