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Simply Drool-worthy - Typical Breakfasts from Around the World

Typical Breakfasts from Around the World
What's your first meal of the day like? The regular eggs and toast or a simple toast with a cup of coffee and a serving of fruit? Well, Tastessence looks at how the world breaks their fast, the first thing in the morning.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2017
Did You Know?
The Turkish word for breakfast, kahvaltı, means "before coffee."
We all are aware of the old adage―breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, and dinner like a pauper. Which just means that the first meal of the day has the most importance to maintain good health. With stressful lives, many of us forgo or skip the breakfast ritual that was diligently followed in the past, resulting in a whole lot of health problems.

Taking breakfast like a king too seriously are the English, the Americans, the Turks, and the Irish. The people in Argentina, Italy, Russia, and France eat light, limiting themselves to one serving of their specialty. While almost all the health-conscious people prefer eating cereals with fruits and milk on weekdays, the lavish and traditional breakfasts are reserved for weekends and holidays. Thanks to the constant rush people are in these days, many just drive in to an eatery, pick up a sandwich or burger, and head to their workstations.

Now, for the best part, you would rather want to take some time out and enjoy having your breakfast like the world does, one bite at a time. Here's the world in 28 plates ...
Bacon and Pancakes in America
Bacon and Pancakes
A normal breakfast in America varies undoubtedly from place to place. The typical American breakfast, however, is thick, homemade pancakes doused with syrup. It is topped with blueberries and crisp-fried bacon.
Mate and Facturas in Argentina
Mate and Facturas
The Argentinians kick-start their day with a yerba-infused drink called 'mate'. This is accompanied with a croissant-like pastry called 'facturas'. Café con leche (coffee with milk) is another popular drink served only in the morning.
Vegemite in Australia
While normal Australian breakfast draws a lot from the English breakfast menu, the Australian household is incomplete without a bottle of Vegemite. The typical breakfast has just one simple ingredient, and that's toasted bread with Vegemite.
Jam and Cheese in Belgium
Jams and Cheese
All that comes to your mind is the famous Belgian waffles, but surprisingly enough, that is not what the Belgians enjoy for breakfast. Waffles are snacks eaten throughout the day, while breakfast includes a spread of jams and marmalades, assorted breads, and cheese.
Salteñas in Bolivia
Just so you do not confuse it with empanadas, the Bolivian salteña is stuffed with veggies and meat that is slightly sweetened with sugar. This is downed with sweetened, dark, and strong coffee.
Assorted Meats and Cheese in Brazil
Assorted Meats and Cheese
There's a wide selection of meat and cheese to choose from. In addition to that, there's bread, butter, and jams. Then there's biscuits, fresh fruits, and yogurt or orange juice. How can we forget coffee? Quite a treat, I must say.
Perogies and Sausages in Canada
Perogies and Sausages
The typical breakfast consists of perogies that are either boiled, baked, or fried. This is accompanied by sauerkraut, cheese, fruits, and sausages. Not to forget, toast and eggs.
Dim Sum in China
Dim Sum
You can expect to have noodles or sticky rice and meats even for breakfast in this land. The typical breakfast includes dim sums, that are either steamed, deep-fried, or boiled. This obviously goes down with tea.
Cuban-buttered Bread in Cuba
Cuban-buttered Bread
The Cubans like their first meal to be simple. It consists of the Cuban bread that is toasted and buttered. This is dunked into a cup of sweetened coffee and relished.
Cornflakes in Denmark
Expect to have a bowl of cornflakes, oatmeal, and yogurt for breakfast―it is quite the norm. You will also find people having bread rolls with jams, cheese, and other toppings. Festive occasions call for Danish pastries and bitters.
Croissants in France
In France, cups of coffee or hot chocolate are had with croissants along with crushed almonds, butter, chocolate, or cream. The French stay away from savory products for the first meal.
Wursts and Meats in Germany
Wursts and Meats
A stark contrast to the petite French, the Germans have a lavish breakfast. It includes cold cuts, meat spreads, hams, sausages, cheese, and bread.
Parathas in India
Parathas (also called paranthas) are stuffed flatbreads that are a very popular breakfast in India. The stuffings include boiled potatoes, cottage cheese, cauliflower, radish, etc. They are accompanied by a steaming cup of tea. Parathas are had with a dollop of butter and yogurt or chutney.
Fry in Ireland
While the Irish soda bread is popular, the Irish breakfast is incomplete without the fry. Like the English breakfast, it consists of bacon, sausages, eggs that are either scrambled, poached, or sunny, and bread or toast.
Cappuccino e Cornetto in Italy
Cappuccino e Cornetto
Cappuccino e cornetto, anyone? Keeping it simple, the Italian breakfast comprises cappuccino, croissants, or toast with butter and preserves.
Rice and Miso Soup in Japan
Rice and Miso Soup
Japan loves its rice and doesn't mind having it first thing in the morning. You will get a bowl of miso soup, steamed rice, and pickles. This is served with grilled fish and green tea.
Spicy Nachos and Cheese in Mexico
Spicy Nachos and Cheese
The Mexican breakfast is surprisingly the lightest meal of the day, despite it being a three-course affair. You start with a bowl of yogurt and fruit and graduate to a plate of chilaquiles, beans, guacamole, fried eggs, and vegetables. This is followed by sweet bread and coffee or chocolate milk.
Beghrir in Morocco
There's Harcha (a flatbread), stuffed Khobz, Krachel (a sweet roll), and plenty of other items on the regular Moroccan breakfast menu. The best is having Beghrir―a tender Moroccan pancake served with honey and butter syrup.
Acarajé in Nigeria
Talk of love for beans, and Nigeria tops the list. A typical breakfast encompasses a corn porridge served with evaporated milk and Acarajé, also called akara. The akara is a ground bean paste that is fried in oil.
Paratha in Pakistan
The traditional breakfast includes having a stuffed handmade bread known as paratha. This is relished with spicy minced meat and salted or sweet buttermilk.
Stuffed Croissant in Portugal
Stuffed Croissant
Coffee with a stuffed croissant is what the Portuguese enjoy for breakfast. Grilled bread with a dousing of olive oil, pastries, and croissants complete their breakfast menu.
Kasha in Russia
Tea and kasha served with soft yogurt cheese or sour cream is quite popular among the Russians. Besides, there's also sausages, fried eggs, cucumber pickles, and blini that can be relished.
Churros Con Chocolate in Spain
Churros Con Chocolate
The Spaniards ought to have a sweet tooth to begin their day with churros con chocolate. Talk of doughnut fritters dunked in a thick chocolate concoction, this should be heaven.
Muesli in Switzerland
The Swiss love their bowl of muesli served with yogurt or milk and topped with fruits.
Meat Balls and Porridge in Thailand
Meat Balls and Porridge
The Thais, like the Japanese and Chinese, are fascinated with rice. Their breakfast comprises soup or porridge relished with meat balls and stir-fry vegetables.
Meat and Cheese Spread in Turkey
Meat and Cheese Spread
The breakfast spread includes, varieties of cheese, butter, olives, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, jam, honey, and bread. With the Turkish spread, one is sure to be left feeling like a king!
Eggs, Bacon, and Sausages in the United Kingdom
Eggs, Bacon, and Sausages
Here's where you get the classic English breakfast complete with fried eggs, bacon, and sausages. It doesn't end here; there's also fried bread, black or white pudding, tomatoes, mushrooms, and toast.
Empanada in Venezuela
Minced meat, veggies, beans, and cheese are stuffed into these pastries and served in Venezuela. Apart from that, the Venezuelans have arepas (flatbread made up of ground corn dough) that are split and used as sandwiches. They are accompanied with cheese, jam, or jelly.
There you have it―the world offering you a sumptuous treat, fit to make you a king. With all these options, are you still content having what you regularly have for breakfast? I leave you with a train of thoughts and hunger pangs. Bon appetit!