Types of Mixed Drinks

These are the Most Popular Types of Mixed Drinks in Existence

Cocktails, mocktails, coolers, and punches ... what would a party be without these and other types of mixed drinks and beverages? Want to find out what other options there are? Read right ahead.
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Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
Any social occasion without an array of assorted drinks is as good as a routine ritual to remind each other that you exist and update, and get updated about the happenings in each other's lives. It is not necessary that the drinks be alcoholic, but a celebratory gathering makes no sense if at least 3-5 different beverages aren't served. One may or may not serve a full meal, appetizers may just be fine, but drinks are a must! As much as there's no dearth of options in hard-mixed drinks and alcoholic cocktails, the varieties of mocktails and non-alcoholic mixers are far lesser than the former, as the base flavor of alcohol leaves much room for innovation.
Here's a list of the most popular types of mixed drinks that you can shake up to add some life to that party you're planning and get the crowd to gravitate towards the bar. So, get those stuck up, diplomatic tongues to loosen up and indulge in some innocuous as well as outrageous gossip with these beverages. The following segment enlisting the names of mixed drinks has been divided into alcoholic and non-alcoholic for the sake of the reader's convenience. Hope you find it helpful!
Types of Mixed Alcoholic Drinks
  • Cocktails:
    These mixers are usually made from a combination of water, sugar, liquor, bitters, and occasionally fruit juices and fruit bits. Bloody Mary and Piña Colada are the most common examples of this. Cocktail is a pretty broad term that includes most alcoholic mixers.
  • Highballs:
    Highballs are any mixture of a non-alcoholic beverage with an alcoholic spirit, which forms the base and is in a smaller proportion than the soft drink. Popular highballs are gin-and-tonic, Mai Tai, Long Island iced tea, and screwdriver.
  • Cobblers:
    An alcoholic spirit base, sugar, fresh fruit juice, and fruit bits - those are the basic ingredients of any standard cobbler. The base spirit can be sherry, wine, whiskey, or bourbon. Popular cobblers include sherry cobbler and whiskey cobbler.
  • Sours:
    A sour is made with an alcohol/spirit base with sour citrus juice of lemon or lime added to it, along with the white of an egg and a dash of sweetening, added by either grenadine, sugar syrup, or pineapple juice. Daiquiri, Margarita, Gin Sour, and White Lady are some of the most popular sours.
  • Hard Punches:
    No, it's not at all about bar fights! A hard punch is a punch that contains some amount of alcohol, aside from fruit juices, spices (occasionally), and fruit garnishing. Popular hard punches are the cup, planter's punch, and the Southern Bourbon punch.
  • Wine Coolers:
    A delectable combination of wine, fruit juice, sugar, and soda or some carbonated beverage is what constitutes this alcoholic mixer. Spritzer and sangria come under this category.
  • Fizz:
    Mix alcohol, fruit juice, and a carbonated beverage together and you've fixed yourself a fizz! The alcohol most commonly used is gin. Silver fizz, Ramos gin fizz, and Sloe Gin fizz are some common variants.
  • Pousse-Café:
    It's a layered drink with an alcoholic base, the other ingredients added separately one over the other in distinct layers. The usual ingredients are brandy, yellow and green chartreuse, and grenadine. The visual appeal of this mixer makes it one of the top 10 mixed drinks for special occasions. There are as many varieties of this beverage as the number of bartenders that make it.
  • Mint Julep:
    Made from sugar, water, bourbon/vodka, and spearmint leaves, this refreshingly cooling mixer is a rocking option for a summer poolside party. The Kremlin Colonel is a popular variant.
  • Flip:
    Add beaten eggs to a mixture of alcohol and sugar, and top it off with finely crushed nutmeg - that's flip for you! The alcohol generally used is rum or, sometimes, brandy.

Types of Mixed Non-Alcoholic Drinks
  • Fruit Punch:
    The usual punch recipe, sans the alcohol content with or without fruits bits - that's simple and straight fruit punch for you!
  • Fruit Juice Coolers:
    A mixture of various fruit and citrus juices, with plain or carbonated water and a dash of sugar - there you go with your fruit juice cooler!
  • Safe Sex on the Beach:
    Corny as the name sounds, this cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, and peach nectar combination is a great choice for all who wish to play safe on the tipsy meter!
  • Shirley Temple:
    Ginger ale and grenadine is all that it takes to fix up some of this good old soft mixer. The ginger undertones of this otherwise sweet and fizzy mixer gives its flavor a somewhat hard edge.
  • Cowboy's Punch:
    Grape juice, club soda, and ginger ale come together in a polygamous matrimony to give you this soft mixer, the taste of which borders on that of the classy champagne according to some people!

Now that you're aware of the different types and varieties of mixed drinks, go ahead and start trying each one out so that you perfect each recipe and get to play the bartender at your own party. After all, the bar is where all the latest gossips are spilled and scandals are revealed!
Shirley Temple
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