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Top 7 Cooking Recipe Apps

Richard Clayton Oct 11, 2019
Cooking is one of those activities that satisfies not only your tummy but also your soul. It is a great mood enhancer for many people, too. When we cook something delectable to our taste palette, it feels like something of an achievement.
So, if cooking is one of your hobbies, you shouldn’t forget to bring cooking recipes with you.
Not those physical cookbooks, but cooking recipe apps on your phone. Yes, that’s right. Your smartphone is your treasure trove of cooking recipes that will help you learn how to cook new delicacies and improve your cooking skills. So, here’s our list for the top cooking recipe apps for iOS and Android users.


The good thing about Yummly is that you can receive recommendations based on your past searches. It also enables users - especially those who are following strict diet plans - to filter the ingredients that they don’t like to include in the recipes.
You can also find in Yummly, healthy and delicious vegetarian meals. Currently it has thousands of recipes that will surely help you in your cooking. Yummly is accessible through its website, or you can download it via iOS and Android.

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories is a cooking app you can download via iOS or Android for free. It features step-by-step graphic instructions, HD video guides, tips and tricks on how to cook delicious meals. The app allows users to bookmark favorite recipes. It can also help you with your shopping list.

Food Network in the Kitchen

Food Network in the Kitchen features over 70,000 recipes by famous Food Network chefs. Whether looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipes, this app can provide you with your cooking needs. You can also filter your search by ingredient or chef.
There are photos, video guides to help you cook a meal of your choice. The app lets you add your cooking recipe or version of any recipe. You can make, edit, or order the ingredients you need from the app. Moreover, it provides you with necessary nutritional information for every meal. Food Network in the Kitchen is available for iOS and Android.


Cookpad is a kind of cooking recipe/social app. It’s because you can upload your own recipes to the service and share them with others. There’s also the option to make a specific recipe private or save a recipe shared by others.
The great thing about Cookpad is that the recipes in it are mostly unique. You can find in there recipes that are passed down from one generation to another. The user interface of the app is also clean and simple. You can download Cookpad via iOS and Android.

Paprika Recipe Manager

Whether you’re just starting how to cook or already a professional chef, the Paprika Recipe Manager is your ideal resource for various cooking recipes. This app has an excellent interface that enables users to save their preferred recipes for future use. If you want to edit a particular recipe, you can also do it.
One great feature of this app is that it doesn’t turn off throughout the cooking process. It also syncs data from several devices such as phones, computers, and tablets. The Paprika Recipe Manager is available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows users. If you want to create a cooking app such as this one, you can visit sites like Robots for that purpose.


Perhaps you’ve seen a video from Tasty while browsing through social media. Tasty is one of the most go-to cooking apps today. Why not? It's interface is just perfect for people who want to learn how to cook new recipes.
Tasty features step-by-step video tips and instructions, and enables your phone to stay open while you cook. Also, the app is customizable, which means you can filter ingredients that you don’t want to include in the recipe.
For instance, if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you can opt to filter recipes that have dairy or meat in them. You can filter your search by low carb, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc. You can even receive recommendations that will suit your personal tastes for your next meal.
The "Tasty" app allows users to order ingredients through Walmart Grocery Pickup. If you’re preparing any recipe, you simply have to click “add to bag” and schedule a delivery or pickup. There’s also an option to adjust the serving size, switch brands of ingredients, and buy pantry items using this app.


BigOven provides users with over 350,000 recipes that you can study through your smartphone. You can create your own recipes and upload them to the service. There’s also the option to create a grocery list according to the recipes that you want to make.
The app is also a social platform where you can find and share recipes with your family, friends, and favorite chefs. You can download BigOven via iOS and Android.


Now you know different cooking recipe apps that will help you learn how to cook new delicacies in your leisure time. Keep in mind that cooking is fun, but it also requires knowledge of different ingredients and cooking methods. So, take note of the cooking apps mentioned here for that purpose.