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Top 7 Merlot Wines Under $20

Top 7 Merlot Wines Under $20

When you want to throw a party and want red wine to be an accompaniment for the dishes, the best Merlot wines, which are less than $20, perfectly fit the bill. This Tastessence article has all the help you are looking out for.
Mukta Badipatla
Did You Know?
As compared to Cabernet, Merlot is gentler, more mature, and more sarcoid. Dissimilar from Cabernet, it can be had with ease, accompanying all tomato-based savories.
Merlot wine when consumed in moderate quantities can prove to be beneficial for health. It is endowed with antioxidants and makes the perfect dry wine to go along with a sumptuous main course. Merlot wine is great for all those health-conscious ladies and gentlemen around, because it only offers 98 calories per glass (4 ounces).

If you are planning to treat your friends or relatives with wine this festive season, and are low on budget and looking for the best Merlot wine, under $20, then this Tastessence piece is exclusively for you. Here we will not only give you the names of Merlot wines which are below $20, but also the details about its flavor and aroma. Plus, if you are confused about what food to serve it along with, then you don't have to be so any longer. Details about its flattering pair and the best temperature to serve the wine are also furnished below.
Valley of the Giant Western Australia Merlot
With 14.5% alcohol, this wine is best served between 14°C to 16°C. This wine has a ruby gloss with vegetal aromas accompanied by woody and fruity fragrances. Cabernet Sauvignon (60%) and Merlot (40%) are the two grape varieties, which go into this 750 ml wine. The smooth tannins and full-bodied texture that the Australian Merlot owns, makes it a must-have in everybody's wine collection. The sugar content is dry.

Average Price: $16.95

Best Paired With: Beef satay, Peking-style duck, spare ribs, barbecue sauce, and California salad.
Forest Glen Merlot 2012
This Californian Merlot, produced by the Forest Glen Winery, consists of 13.5% alcohol. With a cherry-red tinge, the olfactory sense is treated by the scents of spice, wood, fruits, and empyreuma. This wine can be had any time―on the day you buy it or after five years from the vintage. Served best between 17°C to 18°C, this refreshingly acidic wine has fleshy tannins.

Average Price: $19.80

Best Paired With: Beef, roasted duck, bacon with onions, and mushroom sauce.
Avalon Napa Merlot 2009
A wine with celestial flavors, making up to be the perfect dessert is Napa Merlot 2009. It has a polished satiny texture, composed of a precise blend of 6% Syrah, 1% Petit Verdot, and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. It has a light-bodied consistency and a slender texture. The flavors of brown sugar with cherry pie and crème brûlée carry you to a different world. To put the cherry on the cake, they have added sweet berries and boysenberry to the ingredients of the appetizing wine.

Average Price: $14

Best Paired With: Fresh oysters, focaccia, trout tartare, and calamari.
Washington Hills Merlot 2012
Produced by the Washington Hills Winery, this wine has 13.5% alcohol content. This wine can be had on the present day, or after six years from the vintage. It has a refreshing acidity and broad texture. It is best served between 15°C to 16°C. This wine has a crimson color and a fruity mouth feel. The aromas of fruits and flowers are simply mesmerizing.

Average Price: $16.40

Best Paired With: Meatloaf, spicy rice dishes, seared salmon, crispy duck pancakes, and roasted turkey.
Teal Lake Cabernet/Merlot 2012
The producer of this Red Wine Merlot is Royal Wine Corporation. It offers an alcoholic content of 13.8%. Best served between 15°C to 16°C, this wine treats the olfactory senses with aromas of spices, fruits, wood, and smooth tannins. With a medium-bodied consistency, this Cabernet Merlot provides a lively acidity. You can have this wine the day you bring it home, or five years from the vintage. It has a vermilion look, and the flavors linger on your palate for a considerably long time.

Average Price: $18.85

Best Paired With: Pasta, grilled chicken, chocolate, grilled fish, and salamis.
Fleur Du Cap Merlot
Bergkelder Ltd. is the producer of this wine. It has 14% alcohol content and is served best between 16°C to 17°C. The acidity factor of this wine is refreshing and lively. It has a dry sugar content and medium-bodied consistency. The smooth tannins and aromas of fruits, spices, and empyreuma make this wine delectable.

Average Price: $15.95

Best Paired With: Lamb, zucchini, guineafowl, cold york ham, and eggplant.
Rock River Merlot 2009
The producers of this wine are Fattoria di Felsina. This wine originates from the US. The texture being smooth and silky, this wine has a deep crimson hue. The flavors of toasted vanilla, rich plum, chocolate, spice, berries, and cedar notes make it an ethereal formula. On sipping the wine, it caresses the palate with framboise and remains on the mouth for a long time.

Average Price: $9.99

Best Paired With: Cheese dishes, pasta, roasted turkey, any fish meat, and oysters.
As a concluding note, we hope that this list served you with the details you were looking for. Enjoy the festive season with these luscious Merlot wines, and do write back to us if you have any suggestions to add to this great list of red wines under $20.