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Tips to Brew Coffee with a Moka Pot

Tips to Brew Coffee with a Moka Pot

The eight-sided moka pot or 'macchinetta' is a staple addition of most Italian and other European homes. Also used for making sweet Cuban coffee, the Bialetti moka has perfected the art of brewing strong coffee in mere minutes.
Rohini Mohan
Did You Know?
Bialetti has manufactured more than 200 million Moka Express coffee makers since the early 1950s!
Also known as stove-top coffee makers and Moka Express coffeemaker, Moka pots have been around ever since Luigi De Ponti invented this little wonder in 1933. This invention was acquired by Alfonso Bialetti. One of the reasons the coffee brewed in the moka is so sought after is because its unique eight-sided walls enable it to enhance the taste, color, and aroma of the coffee while diffusing heat and preventing the machine from burning the coffee.
For those using a brand new moka pot, it is important that you remove any labels that may be stuck on its surface. Thereafter, wash all its removable parts in warm water, and ensure that there is no soap residue left behind. According to Bialetti's website, 2-3 pots of coffee must be made in a brand new pot so as to season it properly.

Additionally, choose a moka pot that will fit the size of your burner. In case of gas stove-top pots, while on the burner, the flame must never be larger than the base of the pot and should not come in contact with the sides of the moka pot. This Tastessence moka pot brewing guide discusses the steps involved in using this macchinetta.
Parts of a Moka Pot
Exploded Moka Pot
Moka Pot Instructions
Step 1
The removable chamber at the bottom holds the water for the coffee. This chamber is called the heating vessel and contains the valve.

Tip: You will need to use cold water to fill the lower chamber and restrict the water level right beneath the steam release valve.
Step 2
Now, gently insert the funnel over the bottom chamber. Make sure that you avoid tamping the espresso-ground coffee into the funnel.

Tip: Avoid overfilling the funnel so that the coffee does not spill over the edges of the moka pot.
Step 3
Thereafter, firmly screw the upper portion, that being the main moka pot with the base chamber. This pot is where you will collect the coffee once it is made.

Tip: Do not use the handle as a lever while trying to fit the coffee collector with the base.
Step 4
Now, it's time to place the pot on the burner. Wait for a few minutes for the water to boil.

Tip: Always treat the water on low heat to prevent the lower chamber from overheating or burning the grounded coffee.
Step 5
The coffee collector/pot will begin to collect the coffee the moment the water begins to boil. Once the pot is adequately filled, you may remove the moka pot from the burner.

Tip: Wait until a light foam appears with the coffee.
Step 6
Gently stir the coffee in the pot to help blend the coffee and its flavor. The coffee is prepared and ready to be served.

Tip: For extra bitterness, let the coffee boil for a bit longer on low heat.