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Tips on Gas Grilling Steaks

Kashmira Lad Nov 22, 2018
Practice and ample patience ... this is what you need to grill and relish a perfectly cooked steak! Use these tips on gas grilling steaks to master this technique to perfection.
Weekends usually mean lot of relaxation at home, cooking, and gorging on delectable foodstuffs for many! Grilling in the outdoors is a common practice followed by foodies on weekends and also a way of recreation for many.
Homemade barbeques in the garden with friends and family are a great way to spend beautiful weekends. The delicious smell of the grilled food, wafting through the air is something everybody misses all through the hectic week. Once the weekend nears, all one can think of is whipping up something interesting to satiate the taste buds!
However, grilling a perfect steak is quite an art! And this is something that can be mastered with time. If you have often wondered how to grill a steak and are tired of eating a burnt dinner, it's time you take a look at these gas grilling steak tips and techniques.

Grilling a Steak

Here, we can refer to some very important tips on gas grilling steaks. These step-by-step instructions should help you achieve a perfectly cooked steak, with a little practice from your side.
For this procedure, you can opt for a filet mignon. A filet mignon is a steak cut out of a piece of beef and may cost you a few extra bucks, but fret not! Grilling a filet mignon is not really as difficult as the name might sound!
Begin by seasoning the filet. Use only freshly ground black pepper because you also need to allow it to retain its original flavor. Let the filet reach room temperature once it's seasoned. You can place it aside for at least 45 minutes and then proceed.
Now, you need to fire up the grill. Let it remain at the highest temperature setting. With the help of tongs, place the steak on the grill. Let it remain in that position for around 2 minutes. In case you notice a little bit of flare up, you can splash a tiny amount of water to put it out.
After 2 minutes, lift the steak at an angle of 90 degrees and set it down on the other side. After 5 minutes, flip again. While flipping, make sure you do so extremely gently and place it on the same spot. Leave it on the gas grill for about 2 minutes. Now, rotate the steak and flip it back.
You would also have to decide in advance if you want the steak medium or medium-rare. For this, you need to check if the steak is well done. Avoid poking the steak. There is a different method to check, and all you need to do is give a slight push.
If it leaves an indention of the finger, it's cooked fine if you want it medium. If it feels firm, it's well done and can be taken off the grill if you want it medium-rare. It totally depends upon your personal preferences.
Once you have decided whether you want it medium or rare, take it off the grill gently. Place it aside on a plate. Let it stay for 2 minutes so that it can set well.
Grilling a steak would require you to practice these tips for gas grilling steaks so that you don't burn the meat, every time you wish to try grilled food. With practice, we are sure you will leave people asking for more for an impeccably cooked piece of steak!