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15 Things You'll Surely Relate to if You are a Coffee Lover

15 Things You Will Relate to if You are a Coffee Lover
Coffee is not just a beverage; it's much more for a person who loves coffee. It is a companion in good and bad times. It has become a part of our daily lives, and we just can't seem to get enough of it. So, while you are sipping on your cuppa coffee, take a look at the list of things that only a coffee lover can truly understand.
Tanaya Navalkar
Last Updated: Jan 27, 2018
Happy Coffee Cup,Coffee knock out
"To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions."
―Hugh Jackman
Coffee Lover. Coffee Addict. Obsessed Coffee Lover. Connoisseur. I'm sure most of you coffee lovers out there would have been referred to by these names at least once in your life till now. Coffee for you is much more than just a normal drink or beverage. You kickstart your day with a hot cuppa, and there you are, all set to face the day's challenges. Sipping on coffee at odd times of the day or night, getting drawn to the intoxicating smell of coffee, thinking about coffee whether you are happy, sad, or depressed? If you identify with all of these, then you are definitely one big coffee fanatic. Don't worry, you're not alone in this! I too am sipping on a cup of coffee as I write this article! So of course, we understand your endless love for coffee, and the love that these little beans have provided us in return. You just can't thank God enough for creating this heavenly and magical drink. Therefore, to explain our love for coffee, we have come up with a list of things that no one else, but only coffee lovers will relate to.
Things that Only a Coffee Lover Can Understand
You can't imagine kickstarting your day without coffee
You wake up everyday just because you'll get to have that amazing drink the first thing in the morning. Until then, you feel miserable, sleepy, tired, cranky, etc. The moment the dark roast touches your lips and the first sip goes down your system, you are all ready to go out. However, staying a little longer in bed with that hot cup of coffee in your hand seems like heaven to you. It goes without saying, that you can literally do anything for that first cup!
You can't start working until you've had coffee again at work
The only thing that can get you to work is coffee! You believe that coffee breaks are the best part of the day at work. And sometimes, although we hate it, but a LOT of work is welcomed because it works as an excuse for more coffee. It also comes to your rescue at the most important part of the day - the afternoon crash! You are probably three cups down by afternoon, when you start craving for the next one as soon as you start feeling sleepy.
You know your coffee very well
You've probably had every type of java that exists on this planet, and also know the art of preparing that perfect cup. Non-coffee lovers just don't get the point, that making a GOOD cup of coffee is an ART and not an obsession. Your friends call you their Coffee Menu, and also turn to you when they want to have an amazing coffee.
You have a love affair with coffee
All coffee lovers do! You'd choose coffee over anything else in this world. You also start and end your day with it, and share a special relationship with it. You get possessive and angry when someone else touches your cup. You've also imagined that, if coffee was a person, you'd marry it! It means so much to you.
You just can't get over the intoxicating aroma of coffee
You get attracted to the smell of coffee wherever you go, and can recognize the type of coffee just by smelling it. The aroma of freshly ground coffee beans is one of the best in the world, and you simply love waking up to the smell of coffee.
You bond well with other coffee lovers
You believe that a friend of coffee is your friend, and those who don't like it, you don't like them too. How can people not have coffee after all? Those who love coffee do understand your love for it better than anyone else, and thus, won't ever judge you.
There's coffee for every occasion and mood
Happy. Sad. Depressed. Excited. Morning. Night. Breakup. Coffee blends into all kinds of situations and occasions. It knows how to lift your mood and simply solves all your problems... for a while at least! It is also your savior when you are out on a date and you don't know what to do.
Your favorite hangout is a coffee shop
Whenever you are out and you can't decide on a place, you just settle on a coffee shop every single time. It's as if you sleepwalk to the aroma and love of coffee. You frequent most coffee joints in town, and the staff everywhere already know your order. Your regular coffee shop has become your second home. And if any of your friends wants you to accompany them anywhere, they know what to do!
You like your coffee perfect
You spend hours beating to make the best coffee in the world. You simply want your coffee to be the best every time. You believe that life is too short to have a bad cup of coffee, but you'll still settle for one if you can't get good coffee. And you also prefer bad coffee over good tea.
Your favorite part of the day - coffee and a good book
"What on earth could be more luxurious than a sofa, a book, and a cup of coffee?" We agree with you Mr. Anthony Trollope! There's nothing better than cuddling under a blanket on a sofa or bed with a hot cup of coffee and a really good book. It is your faithful companion when you pull an all-nighter for an exam or to finish some pending work.
You have different types of coffee mugs
You have a whole collection of coffee mugs of all shapes, sizes, and colors, at your place, with some wacky quotes on them too. And you even have some fixed mugs for fixed days. Actually, these also make good gifts for all coffee fanatics.
There's coffee for every weather
Whether it's burning hot or snowing outside, you have coffee for every weather. There's hot coffee for cold weather, and cold coffee for hot weather. You'll find so many different types of coffees in the menu wherever you go. Cold tea in hot weather? Nah, never mind!
Tea to coffee transition
You have also converted some tea lovers into coffee lovers. And they got converted because they had no other choice. You are simply that good with coffee! *Devilish smile*
How much coffee is too much for you?
You can easily have at least 5 - 6 cups of coffee in a day. One cup a day is never enough for coffee lovers. Even I'm three cups down already by now, and half of the day is still left! And for those who say you have 9 - 10 cups of coffee a day, stop exaggerating people! We don't keep having coffee back-to-back the whole day. It's just our love for it, and nothing else.
Tea vs. coffee debates?
You simply don't understand how people function without having coffee, and you hate getting into coffee vs. tea debates, because you know coffee wins every time hands down. You simply love it for the love of it.
So, these were some signs which prove that you are a coffee lover, and probably understand them too. While I'm off to grab my next cup of Joe, do let us know how many of these things you identify yourself with, by mentioning them in the comments section below.