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10 Things Only a True Meat Lover Can Understand

Things Only a Meat Lover Can Understand
How often has it happened that when you see the menu card at a restaurant, your eyes immediately focus on the non-vegetarian section, overlooking the vegan options. Or say, while you are watching a cookery show, you just can't stop salivating when they glaze a chicken-pot roast or make a club sandwich with oodles of meat layers - from salami to ham to turkey. Only a true meat lover would understand this feeling!
Suryasarathi Bhattacharya
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
The famous American author and public speaker Fran Lebowitz says, "Vegetables are interesting but lack a sense of purpose when unaccompanied by a good cut of meat.". Lot many people would easily relate and agree to the above statement. It sounds more like a fact that is so obvious. The love for meat, the pleasure in savoring that juicy flesh is no less than having an orgasm; or let's put it into a relatively widely used term foodgasm. Here are some of the things (conditions and facts) only a meat lover would understand.
The need to get that correct butcher, who can give you those correct cuts. After all, it all starts from there.
a butcher with his apprentice
Improperly cooked meat is a complete turn off.
a woman having her breakfast
The predicament of going through the idea of accepting that there exists something like a vegetarian burger or more disappointing vegan bacon.
a vegetarian burger
The irritation and exasperation one goes through continuously listening to the unsolicited advises from people about what to eat, why to eat, and how to eat.
a woman savoring her food
Going out with someone either on a treat or a date and finding out that the other person is vegetarian. All the excitement dies more than half-way thinking how to spend the rest of the evening.
date with a vegetarian
The aching pangs of hunger both in the stomach and heart while watching the food recipe channels and videos on television or over the internet.
food recipe channels on tv
Using bacon everywhere, and being assured that the food would just taste even better. After all, bacon tastes great with nearly everything. Or, let's put in a little differently - "everything tastes better when served/mixed with bacon".
bacon recipes
This one's not uncommon. The moment we are about to gorge on our favorite meat burger, when someone suddenly starts opining his/her concerns on animal cruelty, vegan world being the better world and what not! The most frequent question being - "how can you eat all this?"
a woman eating burger
Having been told to maintain table etiquette while eating. It is just like making a farce of a meat-lover. Fork and knife can never replace man's innate eating tools - hands. After all, finger licking is always good!
eating pork ribs with hands
"Joey doesn't share food". Who wouldn't remember this line from the famous sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Though it applies to all the foodies on the planet, but it has a special place for meat eaters. Sharing your burger/sub or a sandwich is a big no-no! We meat lovers are over-protective and possessive about our food. We like it that way.
meat lovers don't share food