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12 Things Only Loyal Chocolate Lovers Can Blindly Relate To

Things Only Chocolate Lovers Can Relate To
Think of chocolate, and you start drooling all over the place! The world instantly becomes a happier place when you have chocolate by your side. If you identify with this, you definitely are one big chocoholic!
Tanaya Navalkar
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Chocolate background
chocolate chip cookies
In 1930, Ruth Wakefield mixed broken pieces of Nestle chocolate into cookie dough when she realized she ran out of baker's chocolate. Expecting the chocolate to be absorbed in the cookies, she accidentally created chocolate chip cookies. Later, she sold the idea to Nestle in return for a lifetime supply of chocolate.
Things All Chocolate Lovers Can Understand
Chocolate is Divine!
woman eating chocolates
Chocolate is sinfully delicious! But for chocolate lovers, it's much more than just a piece of chocolate. In this world full of confusion, chaos, and stress, if there's one thing you can definitely count on, it's this heavenly, luscious thing called CHOCOLATE!
Childhood Love
small girl eating chocolate
You've spent more than half your childhood binging on different kinds of chocolates and desserts. You looked forward to some cousin, uncle, or aunt visiting you from abroad, so that you could ask them to bring famous local chocolates from there. Umm... you probably still do!
Anything for Chocolate!
chocolate muffin with syrup
You can do anything and everything to get a chocolate or that last piece of chocolate cake, be it fighting your sibling or partner or even running some errands for your mom, which you wouldn't do otherwise.
Love of Your Life
woman smelling chocolate
Who needs a soulmate when you have chocolate? It has been and will always be your first love. No one understands you better than chocolate. It doesn't judge or question you, neither does it ever fight with you.
Chocolate Therapy
saying about chocolate
Chocolate therapy is better than any therapy, whether you've had a bad break up or a tough day at work. Moreover, you don't even need an appointment to meet this therapist. One giant chocolate cake or bar is all what it takes! Simple!
You Don't Like Sharing
girl not sharing chocolate
Oh, everyone knows sharing is caring, but for you 'sharing chocolate' are two words that don't come together in your dictionary. It doesn't matter whether it's your partner, sibling, or best friend!
Too Much Chocolate? Nah!
chocolate cake
You love anything with chocolate in it! Basically, whenever someone says, "Let's go out for dessert," all you think and dream of having is chocolate cake, fudge, pastries, muffins, mousse, and brownies. Your favorite dessert is 'Death by Chocolate'! There's nothing like 'too much chocolate'!
Whenever, Wherever!
girl thinking about chocolate
There's no specific time to have chocolate. You're good with before meals, after meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight, late night, early morning. In short, any time of the day or night!
Secret Hiding Place
woman secretly eating chocolate
You have secret places for hiding your chocolates in case of an emergency, away from the prying eyes of others. Whether it's a pocket, bag, some corner of your home, or... Oh, all chocolate lovers would know!
Chocolate Enemies
girl acting like holding gun
You feel like killing yourself or the people who say they HATE chocolates or they're not healthy or they make you fat. The moment people say something like this, all you think to yourself is that they're either lying or have some serious issues with their taste buds.
No Discrimination!
brown and white chocolate
For you, chocolate is simply chocolate. No dark, no white! Why, you ask? Because discriminating is a crime! You hate any debate about it. You're aware that white chocolate isn't technically a chocolate, but still choose to ignore the fact.
Baking is Fun!
girl licking chocolate
You always insist on making chocolate cake at home. And once you set the cake to bake, you get busy licking the batter in the bowl clean. Oh, it tastes so yummy this way!
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