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20 Things Only a Big Unapologetic Foodie Can Understand

20 Things Only a Big Foodie Can Understand
If you are of the type who thinks food was the best thing that God ever created, and all you do is think about food all day, then it is a sign that you are a big foodie! Obviously, a non-foodie doesn't get the obsession, and never will!
Tanaya Navalkar
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
"There is no sincerer love than the love of food."
― George Bernard Shaw
There are two kinds of people on this planet - those who 'eat to live' and those who 'live to eat'. I'm sure most of you fall in the second category! Well, I belong to the latter group as well, therefore, I totally get your love (obsession for others!) for food! Looking at the variety of food today, it is impossible not to think about it every hour of the day (and night too!). With so many restaurants offering new and authentic dishes and cuisines, you just can't help but try them out to satisfy your restless taste buds. For foodies, food is their life, and a good recipe book is like the Bible! They simply love food, and know their food better than anyone else. If you too are one such foodie, you will surely relate to the points mentioned in the sections below. And if you are confused about your relationship status with food, then these tell-tale signs will definitely help clear your doubts about you being a foodie! Check 'em out!
Signs That Prove You are a Big Foodie
You Can't Wait to Eat
You simply can't understand why people refuse dinner invites or arrive too late. Here you are, all geared up to attack the food, drooling all over the place, and you are asked to wait!? Why, oh why? To make it worse, is the intoxicating aroma of the yummy dishes that are waiting for you!
You Instagram Every Meal
You know are a foodie when you click a picture of every meal without fail, and upload it on Instagram and other social media accounts. Sometimes, the food looks so delicious that you feel the need to click its picture quickly! You feel as if the hashtags like #foodporn #foodgasm #foodie #foodcoma #nomnom were invented just for you! Of course, they were!
You Think About Food All the Time
Right from waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night, all you think about is food. You are already planning your next meal while having the current one. So, at breakfast, you are thinking what to have for lunch, and while out for lunch, you're busy planning the menu for dinner! And all you talk about is food.
Food is Your BFF!
The thought of delicious food can change your mood completely. Whatever your mood may be, happy, sad, angry, excited, low, cranky, etc., or if you are having a hard day at work, you know you can always turn to your best friend - foooood! And if you are HANGRY, then only God can save the people around you. You can eat even in the middle of the night. All it takes is to open the fridge and hunt for food. You're heartbroken when you don't find anything to munch on.
You Can Eat Almost Everything on the Table
Whenever you are out for dinner with your folks, all you do is wait for the food to arrive. You just can't wait to lay your hands on the food, and try each and everything on the table. You also feel obligated to try every food item on every food truck that comes your way. Nobody has ever seen you complaining that you overate.
You Just Don't Understand the Concept of Dieting
Dieting is just not your cup of tea or coffee! You simply don't understand why and how people can stay away from such yummy food for such a long time. You keep procrastinating and finding excuses of not doing it. Dieting is like a punishment to you!
You Don't Mind Waiting in Line
Whether it is an expensive restaurant or a new food truck near your workplace, you love food so much that you don't mind waiting in line even if takes ages, just to try the newest thing on their menu. You have unlimited patience, and are always ready to go out to eat.
You Can Make Any Type of Food Look Amazing
You have an artistic side that helps you make your food look artsy and extravagant. Even your ordinary cupcakes can make anyone's mouth water and leave them craving for more.
You Don't Have Any Favorites
You don't have any favorite dish or cuisine, because you just cannot decide on one. Everything looks so delicious and heavenly! Spoiled for choice, you see.
Young Woman Thinking About Eating Pizza on a Diet
You understand why Joey doesn't share his food. Of course you do! Nobody likes to share a yummy, mouth-watering meal with anyone. You get angry if someone touches your precious food. The most annoying thing that happens to you is when your younger brother or sister finishes off the whole pizza when you were not at home.
For you, going to parties, weddings, or any other occasions means good food. What's a party without great food anyway? It's the soul purpose of you going to any event in town.
Lets eat something new and very tasty
You love to cook and try out new recipes. The obvious one! This could mean making meals for your family or friends, or even some serious baking sessions in the middle of the night. Also, you prefer recipe books over other books.
Profile Picture
You even set your profile pictures on social media accounts as pictures of food. You love it so much that you want the whole world to know about the new recipe you tried last night.
Healthy Eating
You don't need company to go food binging. The only thing you need is good food! But you also don't mind a foodie companion, and genuinely love how your relationship revolves around food. It gives you the chance to explore more and new places.
Senior chef showing food to his colleagues
You respect all the cooks and chefs in the world, because you understand the value and hard work behind good food that contains just the right amount of ingredients.
Portrait of Tourists in Central Park in New York City Holding Food in Front of a Hot Dog Stand
The topmost thing on your list when you travel to new places is to try out the best eating joints and authentic food of the place. So much so, that you won't mind driving down for hours for having the best hotdog or taco you've ever tasted till now! So, make sure you do your research before heading to some place, so that you don't miss out on some awesome food.
Good Food
You're a naturally born food critic. If you don't like anything, it's not yummy! Foodies know how to appreciate good food, but also know when it is bad. You notice even the slightest of change in the taste of something.
The restaurant is open now
Your friends call you for recommendations on new restaurants. They also call you their own 'walking-talking Zomato'. And the best part, your advice and recommendations are loved by all of them!
Boy Eating Slice of Chocolate Cake
Doesn't matter how stuffed you are, there's always a little space left for that last yummy bite or dessert. Anything with chocolate in it always tops the list!
Mobile character is running
And last but not the least, your regular takeaway joint's number is on your speed dial. That's completely fine!
It's My Birthday,A messy baby eating his chocolate cake
Unhealthy Junk food woman,A young woman eating a hamburger
Champagne with ring
Baby boy in high chair feeding himself
Fast food set
Portrait of Chinese boy sticking tongue out
Oriental small-clawed otter, Amblonyx Cinereus, with mouth open
Cute young couple flirting at a gym