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The One Thing You Must Taste in These 5 European Countries

Yamini Baghel Jul 1, 2019
The one important part of traveling is exploring the cuisines of the places one visits. We provide you with the important delicacies you must try while on a tour to a few European countries.
Traveling through Europe is likely to top everyone's bucket list. High up in the Alps or down by the sparkling Mediterranean sea, there is so much to explore in Europe. But we can not ignore the food, which is as varied as the countries here.

1. Austria - Wiener Schnitzel

Austria's national dish, named after the country's capital, is a must try. The super thin breaded and pan-fried veal cutlet is usually served with a wedge of lemon, lingonberry jam, parsley potato, cucumber salad or even French fries.
Do try the Strudel, a classic dessert made of crisp dough with delicate layers stuffed with a variety of fillings.

2. Bulgaria - Banitsa

Bulgarian cuisine is a great amalgamation of Greek, Italian, Russian and Middle Eastern dishes. The one thing you must try is banitsa, a cheese and egg mix wrapped in filo pastry. It has many variations, so whether you love sweet or savory, you will get a banitsa of your choice.

3. Cyprus - Halloumi Cheese

The halloumi cheese is believed to have originated in Cyprus centuries ago. The semi-hard cheese known for its texture and taste is prepared with a mixture of goat and sheep milk, making it ideal for grilling.
The other thing to try is Koupepia, a Cypriot variety of Dolma; and Ttavas a traditional meal prepared in the pot.

4. Denmark - Smørrebrød

It would take time to try all varieties of this Danish staple. The open-faced sandwiches have the butter rye bread with everything from roast beef, eggs, meat, horseradish, cheese, shrimp to red caviar. Eat it like the Danish- with knife and fork to keep ingredients intact.

5. Germany - Wurst

In Germany, it's all about the Wurst (sausage)! You'll find street stalls selling them everywhere. There are over 1500 varieties of Wurst in Germany. The most popular is Currywurst, but do try the traditional Bavarian weisswurst and Blutwurst. Wash it with German classic- a boot of ale (das boot).
While you enjoy these delicious mouth-watering dishes in Europe, you will need a good SIM card for Europe to stay connected back home with friends, family, and colleagues and upload your food selfie on Instagram.
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How many of these dishes have you tried so far? Do remember to share your unique food experience.

Happy Traveling!