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Sweet Red Wine

Read on to know more about this wine.
Aastha Dogra Apr 21, 2019
Red wine is slightly bitter in taste. This results from the fact that it is made from the skin of the red grapes, which are very tannin-like in taste. For a beginner, it can be quite a task to get used to the tannic taste. This is where the sweet red wine comes handy.
Unlike the other red wine types, the sweet ones make use of the red grape skin only for a very short time during the wine making process. This gives them more of a sweet flavor, making them an ideal initiation for beginners. Let us know a little bit more about the various types of sweet red wine that even a beginner will appreciate.

For Beginners

White Zinfandel

Though it has a white prefixed to its name, white Zinfandel is a delicious sweet red wine. White Zinfandel is pink in color and is much sweeter in taste than most of the red wine varieties.
The reason behind this is that when this wine is being made, it is brought in contact with skin of the red grapes for a very short time. This, besides explaining its pink color, also tells us why white Zinfandel is not as nutritious and healthy to drink as some of the darker red wine.


Another variety is the dessert wine, named Port. Port is richer and thicker than the other varieties. It also has higher alcohol content. This is because it is fortified with brandy when it is being made. Its thick, rich flavor helps the beginners to get used to tannin-like taste of the red wine. Port wine tastes the best with cheese and chocolate.

Other Varieties


Merlot red wine is made from the Merlot grapes. It has a kind of a "plum-flavor" to it. It is gentler on the tongue. Merlot wine has often been used for blending, but it tastes equally good on its own. It tastes the best with meat, burgers or any kind of appetizer.


Chianti is a red wine which has a fruity taste to it. Chianti is made from grapes of a number of varieties. It is an Italian wine, which has a sweet flavor to it, and goes especially well with pastas, lasagna and pizzas.


Shiraz wine is made from the Syrah grape. Shiraz is an Australian wine which has a very spicy, pungent taste to it. This Australian wine has a peppery taste and goes especially well with spicy dishes.


A German sweet red wine, which is fast becoming very popular in America is Dornfelder red wine. Dornfelder sweet wine is very fruity in taste and its color is dark red. It produces aromas of yeast and berry, and is very gentle to taste. It has a citrus, cherry-like taste to it and is meant for both beginners as well as old drinkers.
A sweet red wine, it is said, is meant for people who are starting to drink wine, till they get used to it and graduate to more rich and darker red wine varieties. But it can be appreciated by anyone who has a sweet tooth, irrespective of being a beginner or not. So if you love candies, chocolates, sweets and pastries, go ahead and enjoy the sweet red wine.