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Try These Ideas and Enjoy a Simply Yummy Supper With Your Family

Supper Ideas for Family
Looking for some excellent supper ideas for family? Here's the article that will offer you the menus that could be easily prepared for a supper. Read on...
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
If you want to treat your family with some delighting dishes this weekend, then the supper ideas presented in this article would be much liked by you. Moreover, this idea would be truly appreciated by all if you are blessed with exceptional culinary skills. And dining together becomes extremely enjoyable when accompanied by good food. If you haven't decided the menus yet or if you are getting confused while turning the pages of cookbooks, then give a pause! The menus mentioned in this article are the scrumptious dishes that would be relished by your family members.
Simple Ideas for a Family Supper
Since you have planned a family supper, you have to consider the personal choices of every member. If it's a last minute decision, then you can utilize the ingredients present at your home to cook meals that are loved by all. If preparing something special is in your mind, then you can shop the necessities a little beforehand. The idea of cooking continental supper is indeed wonderful, where you can prepare traditional dishes for your loved ones. And kids would probably love to gorge on quick fast foods.
Crispy Barbecued Chicken
The mere mention of barbecued chicken sets your mouth to watering. Isn't it? Chicken is one of those foods that no one can deny unless one is a pure vegetarian. The idea of making crispy barbecued chicken is brilliant and it's easy to make. You can cook a full chicken breast or grill the drumsticks. First marinate the chicken properly, coat with fresh butter and then send it to the grilling machine. To make it delicious, you should soak it in lemon juice/vinegar, black ground pepper, paprika and a little dry mustard. You can brush it with barbecue sauce before grilling. Grill the chicken at 165ºF for at least 15 - 20 minutes. As a side dish you can keep salad made from shredded cabbage, spring onions and a zest of lemon. Barbecued chicken would be perfectly enjoyed with a glass of beer.
Salsa Tofu-Pineapple Wrap
Tortillas when wrapped with tofu and pineapples have a blend of tangy and salty taste. So how would you make it? Prepare the dough with all-purpose flour and then make the tortillas out of it. For making the salsa mix, you will require tomatoes, cilantro, Jalapeño pepper, lime juice and finely chopped red onions. Combine these ingredients in pan and fry them in olive oil. Add salt in desired proportion. Chop the pineapples and mix with the ingredients. Spread slices of tofu on the top. The stuffing is now ready to be wrapped with the tortillas. Close one end of the rolls so that the stuffing doesn't come out. Serve it hot with chicken stew and hot tomato sauce. You can improvise the taste of the stuffing mixture by altering the ingredients with vegetables or meat.
Spicy Mexican Pizza
Pizza tastes incredibly good when each bite is full of cheese with the authentic Mexican flavor blended in it. So why not treat your kids and family with spicy Mexican Pizza tonight? The basic recipe for making pizza remains the same. All you need to do is, gather the ingredients that would complement this Mexican cuisine. You can add finely chopped roasted ham and beef as toppings combined with black olives, tomatoes, red onions, avocado, green chillies and re-fried beans. The taste is further enhanced by adding cheddar cheese and extra dollops of mozzarella cheese. Sprinkle oregano and flakes of red chillies to get the ultimate flavor. And the pizza is ready for you! Yet something missing! Garlic bread sticks with cheese dip would complete your supper menu.
Sicilian Salami Sandwich
What's so special about Sicilian salami sandwich? Italian bread has a unique flavor that complements well with beef, turkey and chicken salami. Spice up the salami with pepper, red chili, ginger and garlic. Romaine lettuce leaves and artichoke hearts are the other ingredients that you will need. Spread a layer of salami on one bread and then add mozzarella cheese. Now add another layer with rest of the ingredients and top with a thinly sliced salami. Brush the bread slices with butter and then grill. Serve the sandwiches with tangy tomato sauce and a plate of salad containing raw cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce and onions. You can also substitute with a fruit dish. Serve chilled custard and fresh fruit juices with salami sandwich.
I hope you have liked the supper ideas for family presented to you in this article. The aforementioned menus are easy to prepare and they do not require much time for preparation. Along with these dishes you can also arrange some simple desserts. You can also experiment with various other recipes and it is not a big deal if you enjoy cooking. So, make the supper time relaxing and enjoyable for your family with these wonderful dishes. Bon appétit!
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