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Summer Drinks for Kids

Kashmira Lad Oct 30, 2018
Face the hot summer season with a smile! Use these easy recipes and bring smile on your kid's face when he comes home tired after a sunny play day. Not only are they very tasty and attractive, they are equally healthy and refreshing as well.
The summer season for kids means a whole lot of fun in the sun! Summer signifies the time for scorching heat, hence, cool and tasty drinks are the ideal option to face the rising temperature. These drinks can be concocted in a variety of ways!
Besides, they are so easy to prepare, even kids can prepare these on their own, during their summer vacations. Use these recipes and let your children face the heat in a chilled out way!

Easy Chocolate-Banana Smoothie

  • Bananas, 2
  • Strawberries, 7 (large)
  • Chocolate syrup, 1½ cups
  • Milk, 1 cup
  • Vanilla yogurt, 1 cup (fat free)

Blend all the ingredients in a blender till it turns smooth. Pour in a tall glass and add some ice!

Mexican Summer Drink

  • Drinking water, 5 cups
  • Rice, 1 cup
  • Sugar, ½ cup
  • Cinnamon stick, half
  • Lime zest, 1 teaspoon

1. Put the rice in a blender and blend till it turns smooth.

2. Add the cinnamon stick and a dash of lime. Place this aside overnight.

3. The next day, place the rice mixture in the blender and blend till it turns smooth.
4. Now, add 2 cups of water to the mixture. Let it remain for 2 hours.

5. Once done, strain the liquid with the help of a cheesecloth.

6. Now, add 3 cups of water to this mixture along with the sugar. Use a sprig of mint as garnish.

Easy Lemonade

  • Cold water, 4 cups
  • Lemon juice, 1 cup
  • Sugar syrup, 1 cup (as per taste)

Mix all the ingredients together. Chill it in the refrigerator. Pour in a tall glass and add some slices of lemon as garnish.

Mint Iced Tea

  • Hot water, 4 cups
  • Fresh mint leaves, ½ cup
  • Green tea bags, 3
  • Honey, 2 tablespoons
  • Lemongrass, 4 stalks (for garnish)

1. First, combine the honey, mint leaves, and tea bags in boiling water. Place it aside for 5 minutes and then, remove the tea bags.

2. Place this in the refrigerator and let it chill.

3. Now, divide this in glasses filled with ice.

4. Use the stalks of lemongrass as garnish.

Yummy Strawberry Smoothie

  • Banana, 1 (small, cut in pieces)
  • Strawberries, 4 (large)
  • Vanilla yogurt, 1 cup
  • Milk, 1 cup

Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend the same for a minute. Serve chilled.

Banana Shake with Ice Cream

  • Banana, 1 (peeled and chopped)
  • Vanilla ice cream, 2 scoops
  • Milk, 1 cup
  • Egg whites, 2
  • Vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon

Put all the ingredients in a blender. Blend the mix till it smoothens. Serve it chilled in a tall glass.

Delicious Peach Smoothie

  • Fresh peaches, 2 (sliced)
  • Evaporated milk, 1 cup
  • Vanilla Yogurt, 1 cup
  • Sugar, 1 tablespoon

Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend for one minute. Serve chilled.
Use these easy recipes to face the sweltering summer heat with ease! Not only are these really fun to prepare, they would also keep your child interested in an enjoyable and interesting hobby at home!