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Substituting Honey for Sugar

Substituting Honey for Sugar

Honey is used as a substitute for sugar not only in teas, but also in jams, baked goods, and desserts. Although the flavor of the dish may change a little, the health benefits of using honey are many.
Aparna Jadhav
Even though honey and sugar are both sweeteners that contain glucose and fructose, there is a huge difference in their components and health benefits. Sugar is a product of commercially manufactured crystals using sugar cane or beetroot as raw material. However, in the process of making it, all the important nutrients like acids, nitrogen elements, protein, vitamins, and enzymes in the product are destroyed.

But unlike sugar, honey is a natural product which is slightly altered so that it can be presented well. It is 100% natural, with no chemicals and added flavors and has many additional properties and health benefits, due to which it is considered healthier than sugar. Therefore, substituting honey for sugar in various dessert recipes can surely help in improving your family's health.

There is only one drawback of honey, that it contributes to more amount of calories than table sugar. About one tablespoon of sugar which is actually sucrose contributes to 46 calories whereas one tablespoon of honey contributes about 64 calories to the body, increasing the body heat.

Other than this drawback, it completely overshadows the benefits of table sugar which is almost negligible. Since sugar is a very important ingredient used in many food recipes and desserts like cakes and cookies, we are definitely subjected to very unhealthy eating. This can be avoided simply by using honey instead of sugar.

  • Honey adds more moisture to the recipe than sugar, it is more dense, adds a lovely flavor, adds acids present in it, and acts as catalyst to the baking process.
  • Using it in baking always accentuates the flavor and color of the cake, cookies, pies, or any other sugar free recipes. They also turn out to be very moist and soft as they are not subjected to the melting of sugar crystals in the food.
  • The ratio used while you use honey instead of sugar in cookies and cakes is ¾ cup plus 1 tablespoon of honey to 1 cup sugar, to make the recipe delicious.
  • While preparing jams and jellies, you need a preservative which adds taste and flavor as well as gives the product a longer shelf life.
  • In these desserts, sugar is said to be a very popularly used preservative, but there are side effects of sugar. Honey is a healthy preservative which provides both taste and shelf life.
  • The ratio used is ¾ cup of sugar to ¾ cup honey and can be used effectively in canning.
  • Using honey as a sweetener in tea or coffee could surely give you your daily dose of health.
  • Instead of using it in the liquid form, if you don't want to use it as an add on in your tea after it is prepared, you can add honey crystals which are also available in the market while heating your tea.
I am sure you will minimize the use of sugar in your food. So, make the healthier choice and practice good health daily with at least 1 tablespoon of honey!