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A Strawberry Banana Crepes Recipe That'll Throw You Into a Frenzy

Strawberry Banana Crepes Recipe
This incredibly simple-to-make strawberry banana crepes recipe will have you reaching out for seconds and even thirds whilst throwing your taste buds into a frenzy. Combined with healthy fruit add-ons, these crepes are nothing less than a treat for the senses.
Naomi Sarah
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Crepes are interchangeably called pancakes, using the same ingredients to prepare a set of these. Pancakes are most commonly coupled with maple syrup, chocolate sauce or a side portion of fruits where crepes can be interestingly combined with even vegetables and meats to give it a completely new twist when it comes to changing the breakfast status it holds.

A crepe is called so because it is folded twice to make a hollow portion for one to stuff the insides of it with a toothsome filling, as opposed to what its pancake self is - being open-faced. Crepes when made fresh and early in the morning will go deliciously with a tall glass of OJ or a hot cup of Joe. These strawberry banana crepe recipes will not only warm your tummy, but your heart as well. Have the whole family or close friends join in on this luscious spread of wholesome crepes.
How to Make Strawberry Banana Crepes
If you've read a lot of cookbooks and watched innumerable cooking shows, you'll know as well as I do that they always swear by the same mantra - food tastes its best when the ingredients used are fresh. If the ingredients are a day old or aren't up to par with what's been in the market fresh-out from the farm, finished foods are going to lack that punch in flavor and texture, not really giving the dish much justice.
Crepe Ingredients Checklist
Crepes with fresh strawberries
✔ Two-thirds of a cup of all-purpose flour
✔ 2 eggs (whole)
✔ A pinch of salt
✔ 1 cup of nonfat milk
✔ 1 and a half teaspoon of vegetable oil
How to Make This
Using a blender, combine together the salt, milk, oil, flour and eggs letting it reach a smooth batter-like finish before storing it away in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Using a wide nonstick pan, pour into this a tablespoon of oil making sure that it evenly coats its surface. Using a ladle, gently scoop out the batter and in a circular motion pour this into the pan. Make sure you continuously circle your way around the pan to evenly fill out the crepe's entire face (the crepes need to be almost paper-like in thickness, so don't ladle on too much - it'll be a pancake otherwise). After two minutes, scrape the bottom of the crepe to check if it has browned already and if not leave it on for another minute or more before flipping it over. Repeat this for the rest of the batter mix. You'll be able to make roughly 8 crepes with this mix.
Filling Option 1 Checklist
Bananas with whipped cream
✔ 2 large bananas
✔ Two cups of strawberries
✔ 3 sprigs of mint
✔ 1 dollop of nonfat cream

The next step after making the crepes is to prepare your strawberry and banana filling; drop into a blender your bananas and cream along with the mint leaves. Whiz this into a good creamy finish before pouring the blender's contents out into a bowl. Slice up your strawberries in half and place 6 pieces of this along the middle of each crepe, with a good helping of the banana cream mix before folding your crepe from both sides. Your crepe is now ready to be served.
Filling Option 2 Checklist
Strawberries with bananas
✔ 2 large bananas
✔ 3 pineapple discs
✔ 1 cup of strawberries
✔ ½ a cup of brown sugar
✔ 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter

After you've prepared the crepes, slice up your bananas into ½ an inch thick circles and keep aside. In a shallow nonstick pan, combine together your butter and brown sugar, waiting for the sugar to melt and break down; add to this your pineapple discs one at a time. Turn over the pineapple after about 20 seconds, caramelizing both sides to give it that yummy sweet flavor and crusty texture. Take these out and place them on a separate plate. Briefly toss around in the same pan the banana slices and chopped strawberries. Remove these from the pan as well and place them within the crepes before folding them in halves. Slice up the pineapples into big chunks and place these atop your crepes before sinking your teeth into this explosively flavorsome ensemble.
Filling Option 3 Checklist
Banana with strawberries
✔ 2 large bananas
✔ 1 cup of white chocolate chips
✔ 2 cups of strawberries
✔ 3 sprigs of mint (garnishing finishing touch)

Slice the bananas horizontally before placing them in the center of the crepes in thin slices. Fold these from both sides and place them on a plate where you'll be eating these from. In a blender, combine together the two cups of strawberries and white chocolate chips, making a nice fruity dip laced with that sweet milky flavor. Pour these over your crepes, using how much you want, and garnish with mint leaves. Make sure you use strawberries and bananas that have been kept in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes to give yourself a nice cooling mouthful of the sauce.
Filling Option 4 Checklist
Raspberries and blackberries
✔ ½ a cup of raspberries
✔ ½ a cup of blackberries
✔ 4 individual plump strawberries
✔ ½ cup of dark bittersweet chocolate
✔ ½ a cup of walnuts/almonds

Dunk into a blender all your berries, keeping aside the strawberries though with the inclusion of the dark bittersweet chocolate and nuts (of your choice) before giving it a good blitz. Don't let it turn into mush, but instead give it three short bursts of power before you scoop it all out into a bowl. Slice your fresh strawberries and tuck these into the folds of the crepes, neatly folding them closed before dousing them in the berry sauce laced with chocolate and gritty bits.
Alternate the fruits used here with those of your choice to give it a completely different take on taste, using apples, kiwis, assorted berries, cherries or anything that you have stocked in your refrigerator. Now that's how you begin or end a beautiful day. Hearty eating!
Fresh strawberries
High angle view of strawberries
Isolated Origami Strawberry
Strawberries In Jar
Mixed berries
Knitted Strawberry In Basket
Smoked salmon wrap with assorted fruits