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Steal-worthy Ideas for Cakes Themed Star Wars

Amruta Deshpande Mar 5, 2019
Are you planning for a star wars birthday party for your kid? Here are different cake ideas based on this theme.
Star wars film series first began in 1977, and it has been a hit till date. It has conquered a considerable part of all media, including comics, books, video games, and television series. The characters, alien creatures, and all other elements of this film series have been ruling the popularity charts for quite long.
Young children seem to be mesmerized by the characters and plot. Considering all this, it would be a great idea to surprise your kid by having a star wars theme party for his/her birthday. You can even have this theme for different occasions, like wedding anniversaries, graduation parties, or any other celebrations too.
To use this theme, all you need to do is look out for some information on the famous characters of this film series, and think of some creative ideas for the party. Here are the star wars cake ideas that you can use.


You can get a variety of star wars cakes from the bakery. However, baking one at home can be a great experience. It would be a creativity test for you. So, why not give it a try! Kids would love to have their birthday cakes resembling the characters. Sheet cakes are the best to serve this purpose. They can be baked first and then cut into the desired shape.


Idea 1

Bake a sheet cake of the size you prefer. You can choose your favorite flavor or you can have a combination of different flavors for the guests. Then, freeze it for about 30 minutes to avoid crumbling. Now, choose the star wars character you want to depict, from the famous ones, like Chewbacca, R2-D2, Darth Vader, Yoda, and many more.
Get an enlarged copy of the picture of the size you want the cake to be. Trace the outline on a wax paper with the help of an edible gel. Turn it over and put it on the cake. The gel outline will be transferred to the cake. Now, using a sharp knife, cut through the outline and remove the excess cake. Your cake is in the shape of the star wars character.
Cover it up with icing using colors of the character, and top it with cherries or toppings of your choice. Certain scenes or spaceships from star wars or saber and masks used can also be created. One can go for multi-layered or three-dimensional cakes too. Different molds can be used for this purpose.

Idea 2

Make three round cakes of different sizes. Take the biggest one as the base, and stack the other two on top of it in a descending order. Now, cut a small hole in the center of the top most cake.
Insert the face of a doll resembling one of the star wars characters, Queen Padmé Amidala. The cakes appear to be the layers of her long gown. Cover it up with frosting of your choice, and your Queen Padmé Amidala cake is ready for the party.

Idea 3

Warships used in star wars can also make lovely cakes. You can get a spherical mold or bake two cakes in round bottom pans and then join them to make a sphere.
Make the inner portion hollow by scooping with a spoon. Fill it with delicious cream, and cover it by frosting. The kids will be surprised to get the unexpected cream from the center of the cake.

Idea 4

The lightsaber has a key role in the star wars series. It is a science fiction weapon used by Jedi. The lightsaber can be a wonderful cake decoration.
All you need to do is make some yummy cupcakes. Line them together to form a lightsaber, and decorate it the way you like. You could also make two such sabers and arrange it in the form of dueling sabers, like that of Darth Maul.

Idea 5

Another interesting idea is to create an entire scene on a plain square or rectangular cake. A large round one could also be used for this purpose.
Cut the edges with a knife to make it uneven giving a jagged star wars effect. Now, use colored icing to depict the background of the scene. You can place small plastic characters on the cake to give a perfect look.
You can also create your own unique design using your creativity and imagination. You can distribute star wars masks amongst the guests for a greater effect. Make it a memorable experience for your kids and they will cherish it throughout their lives. Have fun with the characters. May the force be with you!