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16 Situations People Who are Always Hungry Will Understand

16 Situations People Who are Always Hungry Will Understand
There are some people for whom food is the love of their life. In short, they are always hungry, and are never satisfied even if they are overstuffed. If you too are one of them, this Tastessence article will surely make you smile. Here are some problems that only people who are always hungry will truly understand.
Tanaya Navalkar
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
"I like food. I like eating. And I don't want to deprive myself of good food."
― Sarah Michelle Gellar
Food is one of the best things in our lives. It's like your BFF and a true companion who has been and always will be there for you, come what may. There are two types of people who love food - foodies, and the people who are always, always hungry. If you happen to fall in the latter category, then welcome to the club! The always-hungry people are never satisfied or full, even if they might have had a hearty meal like half an hour back. If they see food, they start feeling hungry again. They get these constant hunger pangs that literally turns them into a monster who will gobble up anything and everything in front of them. For them, eating is a crucial part of the day, where they get to satisfy their cravings, but still are never satisfied. Food is always and forever on their radar. They can snack all day, and stuff their mouths with anything they can lay their hands on. Here are a few struggles of people who have an insatiable appetite.
Struggles of People Who are Super Hungry all the Time
You think about eating right when you wake up as well as before sleeping
Hungry  Person
You're always hungry when you wake up in the morning. You feel as if you haven't eaten anything in a week. And reality strikes you in the face when you check the time and realize that it's been just seven hours. Some people need their morning coffee to function, and on the other hand, you need your breakfast, which is why you wake up everyday. Midnight snacks are your favorite, and you can't imagine going to bed without grabbing a bite or two.
Your stomach is a big monster that is never full
Charming woman holding a plate of cakes
You consider your stomach to be a big, hungry monster, which is never satisfied even if you overate. This hungry monster inside you just doesn't understand when to stop eating, and at what time to eat. The mere sight of food is enough to activate your taste buds again.
You are always planning your next meal
Woman cooking thinking what to cook
When you are not eating, you are thinking about it. As you're having your breakfast, you're already planning on what to have for lunch or dinner. It seems as if you have this food hangover that makes you think again and again about it. You even get these weird dreams or nightmares about food sometimes.
You're always grumpy if deprived of food
Hungry young man is screaming for his dinner
Your friends often describe you as a 'hangry' person, and you just can't deny it, because you know it's true. While other people have emotions like happy, sad, etc., you only feel hungry, again hungry, horribly hungry, etc. Whether you are stressed, happy, sad, or depressed, you just eat. You believe that it DOES solve all your problems in life. And when you are hungry and don't get to eat food, you turn into a completely different person, especially if you are sitting in a restaurant waiting for your food to arrive. You tend to get cranky and start throwing tantrums all over.
You can always hear your stomach rumbling and growling
I hate a vegetables! I'm not eating this!
You have a growling and rumbling stomach that makes noises at the most inappropriate times. However, people have stopped judging you, because they know that you are always hungry. And even you've stopped becoming conscious every time your stomach makes weird noises.
The last slice of pizza is always yours. Period.
The last slice of pizza or burger is always reserved for you, and your friends know that very well. And if it isn't, you'd do anything to get that last piece. Literally anything.
You're never too full for dessert
lady eating pizza
You prefer the whole dessert to yourself, because your appetite knows no bounds. Sometimes, even you are surprised by your love for sweets. You feel as if you're in a completely different world when you take that first bite of a delicious dessert.
Some more problems that you would relate to...
- You can't stand when someone eats off your plate. You've literally stabbed that person in your mind, who tried taking a bite of your food.
- You spend all your money on food, and then sometimes wonder where all your money goes.
- Dieting! What does that even mean? This is what your reaction is when someone suggests that you should try going on a diet. For you, it always starts tomorrow, and tomorrow never comes! Therefore, getting a 'summertime' body is just not your thing. And you hate people who lecture you on your habits.
- You get annoyed when people stop to click pictures of their food, and you're sitting there thinking to yourself, "Just. Eat. Your. Food."
Close-up of a young man's hands cutting a piece of steak with a fork and knife (blurred)
You like food more than people or your girlfriend/boyfriend, because you know it'll never let you down or disappoint you.
You share a love-hate relationship with grocery shopping, since you are always struggling between what to buy and what not to. Why? Because you feel like buying everything.
You have a habit of carrying snacks in your bag always, just in case you get stuck somewhere for hours without any food.
Time importance
You always look forward to lunch breaks in the office, because of FOOD! That one hour just before lunch seems like the longest hour of your life.
Person reading this article
You're probably snacking while reading this article. Oh, you can continue to do so, because you're in the 'no judging' zone.