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Ice-astic: 10 Simple Ways to Make Infused Ice Cubes for Beverages

Simple Ways to Make Infused Ice Cubes for Beverages
A beverage can be had by itself or be a part of a meal too. Now, most beverages are incomplete without ice cubes. But, their beauty can be enhanced when they are infused with some exotic and beautiful edibles.
Meghna Tongiya
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Ice cubes maker
Furniture dents and ice cubes
Did you know that ice cubes can be used to remove furniture dents from carpets?
A cup of cold coffee
Got some iced coffee left from last night's dinner? Don't toss it into the sink. Instead, freeze it and use it as ice cubes for your next iced coffee drink. Your iced coffee would taste better because there's no diluted ice in it.
Purple flowers in a glass of water
A simple glass of water can be served in an innovative way. Freeze some flowers, put them in glasses of water, and make your guests go WOW!
Worm tails infused in ice cubes
Infuse gummy worms in ice and serve this with any drink. Let half portion of the gummy worm be infused and the other half be left as it is. Capture the horrifying look on your guests' faces, and finally see them enjoy the delicious taste of chilled gummy worms and the juice.
Grapes in a wine glass
Frozen grapes can be used to make red wine more relinquishing. A taste of chilled grapes can always make your wine taste even better.
Different fruits infused in ice cubes
Give your guests an amazing experience by making a shift from the regular boring fruit juice. Freeze the raw pieces of fruits and include them in the juice. Your juice tastes so much better now.
Chocolate infused ice cube for milk shake
Give a new definition to chocolate shakes. Freeze the chocolate into an ice cube and pour some milk on it. And here we go! You are ready to serve tasty chilled chocolate shake. This can be tried with strawberries too.
Rose petals infused in a drink
Throw a bridal party with some exquisite drinks. Freeze different colored roses, mix them with drinks, and serve them as a welcome drink to your friends.
Mimosa with infused ice cubes
Your Mimosa tastes so much better with frozen blood orange ice cubes and frozen bloody Mary ice cubes.
Chocolate and vanilla flavored ice cubes in a cold drink
Make your cold drink a bit more innovative now. Make ice cubes of chocolate and vanilla flavors, mix it with the cold drinks, and serve this to your guests.
Mint and lemon infused mojito
Improve the taste of mojito by serving it with chilled frozen mint leaves. Also, infused limes can be used to make your mojito taste better.