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Seltzer Water

An Overview on How Seltzer Water is Different from Normal Water

What is seltzer water? Is it safe? Can you make it at home? Here's everything you need to know about it.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Seltzer water
Seltzer water that is also popular as carbonated water and sparkling water. It is simply water with a little fizz. Because people seem to be getting tired of drinking 'just water', they have now switched to the more popular variety, i.e, seltzer water. In this water, carbon dioxide is introduced, so that it resembles a soda. It is most popularly used as a base for cocktails. You may wonder why club soda won't do the trick. The reason people prefer it over club soda is because it has very low amounts of sodium as compared to club soda. This means you get the fizz without the sodium and can enjoy your drink as much.
Seltzer water is available in numerous flavored varieties, which is why a lot of people have now claimed to be 'addicted' to it. If you are concerned about calories you may be happy to know that it does not contain any calories, nor does it contain any additives such as artificial sweeteners or phosphoric acid, thereby making it safer in comparison to other sodas. On the other hand, it is possible that the flavored versions of seltzer water may have some calories along with sodium, artificial flavors, and sugar.
As is always said, too much of anything is not good, and similar is the case with seltzer water. Though it is not unhealthy in any way, some studies have shown that it is likely to induce excessive thirst and cause dehydration if consumed in excess. Also, excess consumption may erode the enamel of your teeth because seltzer water is slightly acidic. Therefore, it is essential that you also continue drinking regular water instead of 'just' this alternative.
Now that you are aware of the properties of seltzer or carbonated water, you can consume it safely in limited amounts. Interestingly, this water need not only be purchased outside, but can also be prepared at home.
How to Make
Making carbonated water at home is an easy task. You will require a seltzer bottle that comes with a pump or what is known as a charger. The bottle is large enough to hold 1 liter of water, and to carbonate this amount, you will require a charger. These chargers look like pumps and all the carbon dioxide is stored in these. They may directly be fixed on the bottle or may be screwed in. When you press the dispenser of this charger, the water is carbonated and released from the bottle. Buying this bottle and charger is a great investment as it works out to be cheaper than buying seltzer water all the time. Choose a durable variety such as stainless steel or aluminum, rather than the plastic ones as they are not as long-lasting. This bottle is also cheaper than seltzer water maker machines that are available. However, you should also know that seltzer water prepared in a bottle is not as fizzy as the one available outside. With the machine though, you can control the amount of carbonation you want to put the water through. This means if you want it a little extra fizzy, you can achieve that with the machine.