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Riesling White Wine

Riesling White Wine

One of the most popular and versatile white wine is Riesling. In this article we will know more about this wonderful wine.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Riesling white wine is one such white wine that is popular among both the masses and the connoisseurs. It is served in most fine dining restaurants as it pairs well with both poultry and sea food dishes. This wonderful wine originated in the Rhine valley in Germany, and is made from Riesling white grape cultivated in this region. This wine is available in a varying degree of dryness, from the bone dry ones to the almost sweet white wines. Riesling wines have a complex flavor with subtle floral undertones. They have a fruity flavor of apple, peach, citrus, and pear along with a hint of honey and spice.

Production of Riesling Wine

It is available in dry, semi-sweet, sparkling, and sweet white wine varieties. For making Riesling wine, the grapes are picked carefully so as not to bruise or crush them. Bruising or crushing of the grapes will alter the flavor and taste of the wine and might even make the wine bitter, due to the tannin present in the grapes skin. Before fermentation of the grapes to make wine, the grapes are first chilled to preserve its delicate aroma and flavor. It is then crushed and processed through a bladder press. Thereafter it is fermented inside stainless steel tanks where the temperature is maintained to around 10 and 18°C. The wine after fermentation is stored just above its freezing point so that tartaric acid present in the wine crystallizes and can be removed from the wine. This process of storing wine just above its freezing point is known as "cold stabilization". The wine is then filtered and bottled for consumption.

How to Serve Riesling Wine

To appreciate the full bodied flavors of a good quality German Riesling wine, you should know the proper way to serve it. For dry Riesling the serving temperature should be between 6-8°C. Sweet Riesling wine should be served at a temperature of 7-10°C. The kind of meal that is served with the Riesling has a bearing on the overall flavor as well as the enjoyment of wine. The high acidity of Riesling dry white wine makes it an ideal pairing with spicy Asian dishes as well as sea food. The acidity and slightly floral full bodied taste of this delicious wine makes it one of the best white wines to be served with rich and fragrant Asian dishes.

It is also an excellent wine to be had with sea food dishes, particularly white fish. The delicate taste and flavors of a fish is much enhanced with the subtle taste of this wonderful German wine. White meat like chicken is also a great with Riesling. Sweet Riesling white wine works well if you are serving a cheese platter to your guests. It is also a great accompaniment to rich desserts as its subtle acidity has the ability to cut through heavy desserts. The beauty of a Riesling white wine is that you can serve it as it is as an aperitif to your guests. There are many brands of Riesling, which the most popular are Barefoot Cellars Riesling, Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling, Selbach~Oster Riesling, Chateau St Michelle's Eroica and Zind Humbrecht.

Riesling is an excellent white wine that has an incredibly fruity taste with a delicate and subtle floral aroma. The calorie content in this wine is almost same as that of any dry white wine.