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Reasons Why Food is Always Eternally, Invariably Better Than Love

25 Reasons Why Food is Always Better than Love
If you get up in the morning just for coffee and French toast, and start thinking about lunch and dinner simultaneously, as soon as you are done with breakfast, you are a true foodie. You probably love food more than people. Great job buddy, because food is better than love, any day, everyday! We have reasons to prove that, in this Tastessence post.
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Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018

Only food has no END!
I am in love. Fell in love a long time ago. Over time, this love has increased and our relationship has grown stronger. And, I am sure of one thing, it's gonna last forever. Because, I am in love with food. Both of us are committed to each other, and there are no complications whatsoever. Believe me, you don't need anything else when you have food! Food is way better than love or romantic relationships.
It's simple, uncomplicated, and I never get bored. Obviously, since I have so many options! Food never questions me, doubts me, or fights with me. I am sure, hardcore foodies will totally agree with this. And we even have proof to support our claim!
Reasons Why Food is Better
A delicious slice of cake will not ditch you and run after your friend. It won't even flirt with other people behind your back.
You can watch as much food porn as you want. No need to clear the browser!
Think your food is plain or bland? You can pour some sauce or garnish with some spices to make it tasty. Can you do that with your lover?
Your boyfriend/girlfriend loves to play hard to get. He/she will make you wait for hours just for a stupid reply. Pizza never does that. It will reach your place in 30 minutes or less.
Plus, you get what you want. Whichever toppings you want, double cheese? Done! You can never expect that in love, can you?
Bored of your food? Stuff it in the refrigerator and eat it next day. No such provision when it comes to love.
You get to choose from a variety of flavors of ice cream, and yes, you can try something new every time. And nobody's going to judge you for wanting two flavors together.
French fries will never hurt you. They won't even fight with you over the silliest things.
food better than love noodles
Your favorite burger is always going to taste the same way. It won't be happy one day and cranky the other. With food you know what you are getting, you don't have to figure out anything.
Food can be deep-fried and dipped in CHEESE!
Chicken sandwich won't feel bad if you are bored of it and want to eat tuna sandwich for lunch.
When you are on a date with food, things will never turn awkward or creepy.
food better than love judgement
Food is desirable even when it is not hot.
Food will never break your heart, it will only think about your happiness. It won't make you sad.
Food will never judge you; eat as much as you want, in any possible messy way. It won't make nasty comments if you gobble it down or spill it.
It won't shout at you when you are drunk. In fact, it will help you get over that hangover.
You don't have to check the WhatsApp status of chicken wings to figure out its mood.
Popcorn will let you enjoy the movie rather than commenting on every scene.
Your pasta can totally pull off being cheesy.
There's never a dearth of options when it comes to food. You can order WHATEVER you want, WHENEVER you want. Not possible in love!
Chocolate cake won't start crying if you tell it you regret eating it last night. :D
Nobody will judge you if you take your food to bed.
Noodles don't have a commitment phobia.
Because, there's a cupcake for every problem!
That has made me really hungry, it's time for a double-cheese burger! And yes, maybe I'll have a chocolate-chip ice cream later. No, I want a coffee-walnut ice cream! Hmmm... let me think, after all, with great options comes great confusion!
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