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Popular Food Recipes in Mexico

Popular Food Recipes in Mexico That You're Not Trying Right Now!

Mexican cuisine is extremely diverse. Here are some popular dishes, which will satiate your taste buds with their delicious flavor.
Reshma Jirage
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
Mexican cuisine is famous for its flavorsome and healthy dishes. It is strongly influenced by the cuisines from North America, France, and Spain. The main meal in Mexico begins with a soup course, known assopa aguada. The next course includes a rice or pasta preparation, known assopa seca. The traditional meals consist of beans, rice, tortillas, and fresh vegetables. The main dish includes pork, chicken or beef, which is served along with beans.
The country is popular for its corn, tomatoes, avocados, jicama, beans, squash, chili peppers, and a variety of other spices. Tequila, mescal, and margaritas are the traditional beverages of Mexico. Most traditional recipes include quesadillas, salsas, guacamole, burritos, tostadas, tacos, fajitas, and enchiladas. Chilies, tomatoes, onion, and garlic are some of the common flavorings used in this cuisine. You can prepare these detectable dishes for your special cocktail party or family get-together. Well, given below are some of the authentic and popular dishes that you can try preparing on your next weekend.
Chicken Enchiladas
  • Cooked chicken breast halves, (shredded) 3
  • Corn tortillas, 12
  • Fresh cilantro, (chopped) ½ cup
  • Green onions, (chopped) ½ cup
  • Onion, (minced) ¾ cup
  • Sour cream, 1 cup
  • Chicken broth, 2 cups
  • All-purpose flour, ¼ cup
  • Butter, ¼ cup
  • Green chilies, (chopped) 4 oz.
  • Cheddar cheese, (shredded) 12 oz.
  • Vegetable oil, (for frying)
Preheat the oven to 350° F. Heat 2 tbsp. of oil over a medium high flame, in a large frying pan and fry the tortillas for about 5 seconds per side, until they become flexible. Drain the tortillas on paper towels and keep them warm. Spread the chicken, 10 oz. of cheese, and onion over the tortillas. Make their rolls and keep in a greased baking pan with the seam side down. Add the whisk and flour to the melted butter in a pan. Allow it to boil over a medium flame. Add the broth with a continuous stirring. Add sour cream and chilies. Stir occasionally. Don't allow the mixture to boil. Pour this mixture over the enchiladas when it is thick and hot. Bake these chicken enchiladas for about 20 minutes. Cover the top with the remaining cheese and bake it for about 5 minutes. Use cilantro and green onions for garnishing.
Postre de Limon
  • White sugar, 12 oz.
  • Egg yolks, 8
  • Egg whites, 4
  • Lemon zest (grated) and juice (2 large lemons)
  • Whipping cream, 8 fl. oz.
Whip together sugar, egg yolks, grated lemon skins, and lemon juice in a medium saucepan. Cook it on a low heat, until it becomes thick. Don't boil it. Pour it into the bottom of a serving dish and refrigerate it for about 4 hours. Whip the egg whites in a large mixing bowl, until it becomes stiff. In another bowl, whip the cream until it becomes soft. Gently add the egg whites to the cream and then spread it over the chilled egg yolk mixture. Refrigerate it for about one hour before serving. It is a cold vegetarian fruit dessert.
Red Rice
  • Long-grain white rice, 0.80 lb.
  • Corn oil, 60 ml.
  • Garlic cloves, 2
  • Plum tomatoes, (chopped) 3
  • Onion, (chopped) ½ cup
  • Frozen sweet corn kernels, 0.20 lb.
  • Frozen green peas, 0.20 lb.
  • Water, 780 ml.
  • Salt, as per taste
Cover the rice with hot water in a bowl and keep aside for about 20 minutes, until it gets cooled. Meanwhile, make a smooth paste of garlic and tomato in a food processor. When the rice becomes cold, rinse it under cold water until the water runs clear. Drain it well. Heat the oil in a large saucepan and add the rice with continuous stirring. Then add the onion and fry for about 5 minutes until the rice turns golden. Drain the excess oil from the pan and then add a mixture of garlic and tomato. Cook it for about 5 minutes over a medium flame. Add some water, adjust the flavoring and bring it to boil. Reduce the heat and cook uncovered, until all the liquid is absorbed. Then add the sweet corn and frozen peas, cover it and cook for about 5 minutes. Then remove it from the heat and allow it to rest, for about 10 minutes. It should be served hot.
This cuisine is famous worldwide for its colorful presentation, its mouth-watering flavors, unique spicing, and aromatic seasoning. Test your culinary skills with the help of the above-mentioned recipes.
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