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Pomegranate Jelly

Easy Recipes for Pomegranate Jelly That Tastes Like Happiness

Preparing pomegranate jelly is very simple and a lot of fun. This article gives you information about preparing it from artificial juice as well as the fresh fruit.
Mayuri Kulkarni
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017
You can make delicious jelly from pomegranates. It can be served with biscuits, breads or even with pancakes. The procedure is quite simple, but you will require some special utensils for preparing it. Preserving and storing it is very important, and you have to sterilize the jars in which you will be storing it. Pomegranate juice is one of the most important elements that will decide the quality of your dish. You can either use fresh fruit or store-bought artificial juice, which is readily available. The article gives you both the recipes.
With Juice
  • Lemon Juice, ¼ cup
  • Pomegranate Juice, 4 cups
  • White Sugar, 7½ cups
  • Liquid Pectin, 1 (6 fl. oz.) container

Take a large stainless steel saucepan and add pomegranate juice and lemon juice in it. Boil this mixture over high heat. Once the mixture boils, add liquid pectin to it. Bring the mixture to boil for half a minute. Then remove the saucepan from heat and discard the foam. Put this hot mixture into sterilized jars with the help of a ladle. Leave ¼ inch distance from the top while filling. Seal these jars and process the jelly in boiling water cans for about 5 minutes. This recipe makes jelly with liquid pectin. You can use dry pectin in case the liquid one is not available.
With Fresh Fruit
  • Liquid Pectin, 1 (3 oz.) pouch
  • Sugar, 6 cups
  • Lemon Juice, 2 tbsp.
  • Pomegranates, 10 (large)

This recipe will also let you know the steps to make pomegranate juice. For this, first peel the pomegranates, remove the membranes, separate the seeds, and rinse them properly. Then keep the seeds in a heavy non-reactive stockpot and add ½ cup of water. Cover the stockpot and cook the seeds for about 10 minutes. The mixture should be cooked to tender the seed sacs. Take a colander and line it with double-layer of cheesecloth.
Place this colander over a large bowl and pour the seeds and liquid into it. Prepare a pouch by tying the ends of the cheesecloth. Squeeze this pouch to extract all the juice from the mixture. The juice is ready. Measure 4 cups of this juice for the jelly. Now, add pomegranate juice, lemon juice, and sugar in a non-reactive stockpot and set the heat to medium. Bring the mixture to boil and add liquid pectin to it.
Bring the mixture to a rolling boil and continue boiling for one minute. Keep stirring the mixture while its boiling. Then fill this mixture in sterilized jars and seal the jars. Keep these jars on a rack, in a heavy stockpot. Cover these jars with boiling water and simmer for 10 minutes. Then take out the jars, cool them on a towel for at least 2 days and then store.
To prepare sugar-free jelly, you need to use a sweetener instead of sugar and prepare the recipe by following the same method.