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Pole Beans Vs. Bush Beans

Pole Beans Vs. Bush Beans: A Look at the Detailed Comparison

The facts regarding pole beans and bush beans mentioned in this article will help you decide which one to grow.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Beans form a part of the staple diet of people living in many parts of the world. This is because beans are not only available in different types, but are also healthy and nutritious. Green beans are the most common types of beans available in the world. These beans are broadly divided into two types: bush beans and pole beans. Pole beans, as the name suggests, are the ones that grow on a pole, whereas bush beans grow in bushes. Green beans are very easy to cultivate and hence, many people try their hand at bean farming. Here we have several facts about pole beans and bush beans, which will help you choose the best beans for farming. Let us take a look at the comparison in detail.
Pole Beans or Bush Beans?
When it comes to growing pole beans or Lima beans, there are several differences that one needs to know. Understanding the differences will make it easier to choose the one that is best suited to you. Following are some of the major differences between the two.
Method of Growing
Pole beans, as mentioned above, are to be grown on poles and hence, need the necessary built or, or rather the infrastructure for the same. You need to erect poles or trellises if you wish the pole beans to grow systematically. Otherwise, they tend to run along anything that can be used for support. On the other hand, bush beans simply grow on the land.
Area Required
As the pole beans grow vertically, they require very little soil space or ground space. They can be easily planted in gardens where very little space is available. Trellises covered with bean vines can make an attractive recluse in the garden. On the contrary, as the bush beans spread on the land, they require a relatively larger space. They appear to lean on each other, but no support is needed for growing them.
The duration for both the types of beans to mature is the same, i.e., 55-65 days. However, there is a great difference in their harvest or production. Pole beans usually take a longer time for production of beans. But, they continue providing beans for a longer period. If the beans are plucked regularly within an interval of a couple of days, the plant tends to produce more beans. Whereas, a contrasting view is found in case of bush beans. Bush beans produce the entire yield at one go. Therefore, it is clear that the pole beans can yield beans through the entire season, whereas, bush beans yield only once.
Now, this one is a highly debatable issue! Many people claim that the pole beans are tastier than bush beans. Pole beans taste exactly as beans should taste hence, pole beans are preferred over bush beans. However, not many would agree with it. It depends on the individual and hence, one can try both the varieties, and then decide for himself.
Bush beans are generally grown when one needs a larger yield at the same time, mostly for commercial purposes. On the other hand, pole beans are usually meant to be used at home, so that you get a fresh supply throughout the season. Once you have decided the mode of plantation, along with a little research about the beans and its gardening tips, you can easily grow beans in very own backyard. Good luck!
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