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Pastrami Sandwich Recipe

Pastrami Sandwich Recipe

Sandwiches are great when served for breakfast, lunch, or even as an evening snack. This article will tell you about different pastrami sandwich recipes.
Mayuri Kulkarni
Sandwiches are loved by one and all! They are very easy to make, as all you need to do is simply stuff the ingredients between the bread or bun slices. There are various types of sandwiches, and pastrami sandwich is very popular among these. Pastrami is processed meat (pork, beef, mutton, or turkey) that is seasoned with herbs and spices. Pastrami slices, cheese, onion rings, mustard, mayonnaise, etc., are some of the basic ingredients of this sandwich.

Recipe #1

  • Deli crusty buns - 2
  • Beef Pastrami deli slices - 2
  • Red onion (thin sliced) - 1
  • Kosher dill pickles (thinly sliced) - 2
  • Provolone cheese (thin slices) - 2
  • Leafy green lettuce
  • Dijon mustard
  • Mayonnaise

Take the crusty buns and cut them in half. Then spread the Dijon mustard on lower part of the bun and mayonnaise on the upper part. You can use the desired amount of Dijon mustard and mayonnaise to moisten the buns. Take the pastrami, Provolone cheese, red onion, and kosher dill pickles and stuff them between the buns. Your sandwich is ready to eat.

Recipe #2

  • Swiss cheese - 4 slices
  • Butter - 4 tablespoons
  • Pastrami (thinly sliced) - 4 to 5 ounces
  • Small onion (chopped) - 1
  • Sauerkraut (drained) - 1 cup
  • Pumpernickel rye bread - 8 slices
  • German-style mustard
  • Dill pickles

Place the cheese over each slice of bread and keep them aside. Put some butter in a skillet, heat it to melt the butter, and saute onion in melted butter. Take the sauerkraut, rinse it, and drain the excess water. Then, add this sauerkraut to the sauteed onion. Toss the vegetables over high heat until they become tender. Spread some mustard on rye bread and top 4 slices of bread with sauerkraut-onion mixture. Then, place the pastrami and cheese on the sauerkraut-onion mixture, with the cheese on the top. Place the remaining bread slices, and then melt the remaining butter in a frying pan. Brown both sides of the sandwiches and serve them with dill pickles.

Recipe #3

  • Large onion (thinly sliced, separated into rings) - 1
  • Medium green sweet pepper (cut into thin strips) - 1
  • Italian salad dressing - ⅓ cup
  • Fully cooked pastrami - 8 slices
  • French style rolls - 4
  • Plum tomatoes (thinly sliced) - 3
  • Thinly sliced Swiss cheese - 2 ounces
  • Tarragon mustard - 4 teaspoons

Pour the Italian dressing in the skillet, and cook onion and sweet pepper in it. Cook until the mixture becomes tender and then remove the skillet from the heat. Take the bottom of each French roll and place it over a square foil. Place the pastrami slice, cheese slice, and tomato slices over each of these rolls. Then, add onion-sweet pepper mixture along with the remaining seasoning. Apply the mustard on the top slices of the rolls and place them over the fillings. Wrap the sandwiches in the foil and seal the ends. Place these wrapped sandwiches in the oven at 350°F for about 20 minutes and serve them hot.

Pastrami sandwiches are wonderful make-ahead recipes that require very few ingredients. So, prepare these delicious recipes for picnics, breakfast, or lunch, and enjoy the taste!
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