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Things You Never Knew About Using Parchment Paper for Baking

Parchment Paper for Baking
Parchment paper is used for baking, as it is resistant to heat and grease and makes the process easy. It can also be used for cooking. Here are some information on its uses.
Dhanya Joy
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
This paper is used as an alternative to greasing the baking pan or the use of wax paper. Parchment paper can withstand high levels of heat and is resistant to grease. Food that is baked using this paper, cook well and do not stick to the pan. They are are also known as pan liners, as they are very useful while baking sticky items. Using them for baking, completely eliminates the need to clean up the pan after usage. Apart from baking, it is also used for other select cooking purposes.
Parchment Paper used for Baking
Initially, this paper was made out of animal skin, like sheepskin and lambskin, and was used for drawing, calligraphy, preparing certificates, etc. Modern parchment papers, used as nonstick surfaces, are made by instilling silicone into the paper. Silicone imparts its characteristic low surface tension, high stability, heat resistance, and density to the paper, due to which it gains its nonstick quality. Silicone coated ones are recommended by professionals due to the convenience value that they offer, and also because they can be reused. Parchment paper is easily available at grocery stores and supermarkets, in the form of individual sheets, paper rounds or rolls, just like plastic wraps or aluminum foils.
Prior to baking, the baking pan can be lined with parchment paper. The baked item does not stick to the pan or the paper. After the baking is done, the food will easily slide off the paper, and there would be no need to clean or wash the pan. Also, no greasing will be required prior to baking, and the item will get baked evenly and quickly. It is also cost-effective, since it can be reused a couple of times before disposal. It can also be used for easy and mess-free cake decoration and cookie decoration, with icing and frosting. It is an affordable, convenient, and cost-effective cooking equipment.
Parchment Paper for Cooking
Parchment paper has also found effective use in cooking, especially in the en papillote style of cooking. Cooking en papillote, is a style of traditional French cooking in which the item to be cooked, is placed in between two layers of parchment paper and its edges are sealed. It is then either steamed or baked. Fish baked in parchment paper is the most popular recipe of cooking en papillote. This method of cooking is considered to be a low-fat method and it is also very easy. Using it for cooking, ensures that the sealed in item cooks in its own flavors and juices, which obviously enhances its taste and retains its essential nutrients.
For cooking en papillote, cut out a square piece of parchment paper and fold it in half. Cut off a heart shape and place the item to be cooked in the center of the paper. Add the additional ingredients, seal from all sides and bake, steam or microwave, until the item is cooked.
Classic method of folding parchment to cook en papillote
Salmon with lemon slices on Parchment Paper
Parchment Baked Fish
Easter cakes