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How to Make Modeling Chocolate

Didn't Know How to Make Modeling Chocolate? Now You Will

Want to know how to make that tiny little rose to put it on top of the cake? Here are some tips to make your own modeling chocolate which you can try out at home.
Ratnashri Dutta
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2019
Homemade Christmas Fruit Cake
Sometimes even you would love to change the yummy but common looking cake to something different and make it a theme cake. So why not learn how to make modeling chocolate and improve the look of the cake.
Wedding Cake
You can make a rose garden, or maybe an animal farm, or a house. It is easy to prepare and can be made using just two basic ingredients.
The Recipe
Chocolate cream and chocolate pieces
  • Chocolate, as much as to think you will need for the decoration
  • Corn syrup, 6-8 tablespoons
  • You first have to melt the chocolate either in the microwave or you can also use a double boiler.
  • Heat the chocolate till it has absolutely melted. Make sure that there are no lumps.
  • Now, pour this melted chocolate into a bowl and stir it properly making sure that there are no lumps remaining. Otherwise you won't get a good result.
  • Take the corn syrup and put it into this bowl.
  • Again mix the chocolate and the syrup well. Clean the sides of the bowl, making sure that there is no chocolate sticking to the bowl. (Wasting chocolate, definitely, is a crime!).
  • You'll notice that as you mix the two together, you get a thick paste like substance. When you get this you will know that you have added the right quantity of syrup.
  • Don't worry if the chocolate mass looks a bit oily. That's because of the corn syrup.
  • Now, wrap this mass of chocolate and syrup in a plastic and put it in the refrigerator to set.
  • After sometime, when the mixture has set, take it out and break it into several pieces and start kneading it in order to make it smooth.
  • This has to be done at room temperature. If you find it difficult to knead because the mass is hard, then you can heat it up in the microwave. But be careful that you do not heat much as while kneading, the warmth of your hand will heat up the chocolate anyway.
  • Once you have kneaded the chocolate, it is ready to be used.
Decorating the Cake
Smiling children at birthday party looking at camera
Now that you know how to make modeling chocolate, let us now check out some ideas for cake decorating. You can take the help of your kids as the cake is for them.
Happy Birthday Cake
Let your and their imagination run wild. You can make figures of persons, animals, trees, or houses.
Cooking Utensils
In the market, you will get various molds which you can use to make some modeling chocolates. The molds can either be a bunny, heart, or a diamond shape.
Birthday party
You can also make colorful flowers and maybe, even some small designs on the cake. This will surely make your cake look better.
Chocolate Mocha Cake
With these chocolate modeling clay recipes, you can transform a common looking cake into a mouth-watering one in a matter of minutes.