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Easy Ways of Melting Chocolate for Dipping

Loveleena Rajeev Nov 30, 2018
Melted chocolate makes for a fantastic dessert topping, as well as a dip. This Tastessence post teaches you different ways to melt chocolate for dipping.
Chocolate is an ingredient that can elevate any simple dessert. Eating anything that has been dipped in melting chocolate, can send one to heaven and back. Dark chocolate is made from cocoa, whereas white chocolate from cocoa butter. The use of chocolate as a dip has grown phenomenally in recent years.

How to Melt Chocolate for Dipping

If you wish to use melted chocolate, then let us begin with understanding the basics of the process. Chocolate is melted to coat desserts, or used as an ingredient while making a dessert. There are three ways to melt chocolate
Double Boiler Method
In the top pan of a double boiler, place broken chocolate pieces. In the lower pan, add hot water, and keep the flame on low. Stir with a metal spoon, until the chocolate has melted.
Direct Heating
Break chocolate pieces in a non-stick saucepan, and place it on a low flame. Stir continuously to avoid scorching the chocolate, and remove from flames as soon the chocolate has melted.
Place broken chocolate pieces in a microwave-safe dish, and melt it on a 'low' setting for two minutes. Take the bowl out and stir, return to microwave and repeat heating until the chocolate has melted.
Of all the three methods, using the double boiler method is preferred as it offers the least danger of overheating or scorching. Chocolate begins to melt at 80°F and tends to completely melt at 100°F. Chocolate heated beyond a point will turn bitter, grainy, or too thick, and its flavor and smoothness will be lost.
To make chocolate dip, add no more than half a teaspoon of shortening. Shortening makes it more smooth and you will get an even consistency while spreading it. However, the use of butter or margarine is to be strictly avoided as they both contain water, which will either harden the dip or make it clumpy.

Melted Chocolate for Dipping Cookies

Swiftness is a key skill needed to make chocolate-dipped cookies. Once the cookies have been baked, allow them to cool. Melt chocolate, and use a pair of tongs to hold the cookie from one corner and dip it in the melted chocolate.
Make sure the cookie corner you hold is very small. Before placing the dipped cookie onto the cookie sheet, tilt it slightly for complete coverage. Once all the cookies have been dipped, refrigerate them for 20 minutes to harden the coating.

Melted Chocolate for Dipping Fruits

Chocolate-covered strawberries are always a big hit. Select large, fresh strawberries, and leave the stems intact.
Wash and pat dry each piece. Melt chocolate and holding the stems, dip the whole strawberry in the melted chocolate. To add a zing to your dip, add some brandy or liqueur.
If you're aiming at a smoother, thicker coating, add some full cream. Line the dipped strawberries on a cookie sheet and refrigerate for 15 minutes to harden the coating.
Don't just stop here, use these tips for dipping pretzels, candies, truffles, and any other dessert you fancy!