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Meatloaf Cooking Time

Planning to Cook Meatloaf? Check Out the Time You'll Need First

A dish prepared by using different varieties of meat and which resembles a common bread loaf, meatloaf is popular throughout the world. With so much of variety in recipes and ingredients, meatloaf cooking time and temperature varies according to the different meatloaf recipes.
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The history of meatloaf can be traced back to the 5th century, Rome. One of its earliest recipes is found in the famous Roman cook book, Apicius. Today, there are recipes that are relished by people.
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A meatloaf usually contains one or more types of meat, vegetables, and spices that are grounded and baked. It gets its shape, like a bread loaf, as a result of the baking tray. The cooking time tends to differ by a few minutes or a few degrees, depending upon the ingredients and procedure of a particular recipe.
Cooking Time
While calculating or estimating the cooking time of a particular meatloaf, there are many aspects that are to be taken into consideration. The first factor that is to be considered is the meat and it's nature. Finely grounded beef, for example, requires less time and temperature. However, when the beef is used in combination with other types of meats, such as lamb or pork, the time span definitely increases. More complex the ingredients, the longer it takes to cook a meatloaf.
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Simple meatloaf recipes require about 1 hour 20 minutes, to properly bake on the outer side, as well as inside. The prescribed temperature for meatloaf to get baked is 320ºF. The meatloaf is done, only when it gets crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. In reality, there is no definite time that you can count off on a timer.
Another method that can be followed to cook it is titled as the preheat and reheat technique. In this technique, the meatloaf is initially baked at about 285ºF for sometime. Before serving the cuts of the meatloaf, it is again baked at 285ºF at the sustained temperature for about 20 minutes. This type of cooking method is effective, when more than one type of meat is used. The second heating ensures that the interiors of the meatloaf have not remained raw.
Meatloaf Recipes and Cooking Time
As there are a number of variants and recipes, calculating meatloaf cooking time and temperature can be very tricky. The following table is a short description of recipes and the time and temperature of different recipes.
Meatloaf Recipe Major Ingredients Temperature
(in Degree Fahrenheit)
Smoked Meatloaf Recipe beef, eggs, canola oil, fennel seeds, vegetables 350 1 hour in oven
Healthy Meatloaf Recipe beef, cheese, eggs, vegetables, spices 375 40 minutes in oven
Low Carb Meat Loaf Recipe beef, pork, vegetables 350 about 1 hour
Southern Meatloaf Recipe beef, pork, eggs, bread crumbs 350 40 minutes
Italian Meatloaf Recipe beacon, cheese, eggs 375 about 1 hour
Barbecue Meatloaf Recipe eggs, beef, pork, turkey, milk 350 1 hour 15 minutes
Vegetarian Meatloaf Recipe vegetarian burger crumbles, vegetables, eggs 325 45 minutes
Turkey Meatloaf Recipe turkey, eggs, milk, vegetables 350 30 to 45 minutes
Meatloaf With Beef And Buckwheat
It is always advisable to check, if the internal temperature of the meat loaf is above 160ºF. This temperature ensures that all the possible germs in the meat are eliminated, and the meat is properly cooked. It is also better to trust your judgment, instead of the timer. Take out the meatloaf after its outer surface starts turning golden-brown. Before taking it out of the oven, you may also poke it with a knife or spoon, and check if the meat has been done properly or not. As many chefs say, the time to cook meatloaf is not to be timed with a clock. It is to be felt with smell, touch, and sight.
Turkey Meatloaf And Vegetable Sauce
Meatloaf Stuffed With Boiled Eggs