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Meal Ideas for Two

Meal Ideas for Two

Finding difficult to prepare meals for two people due to busy work schedule? Then check out the article below for some easy and quick meal ideas for two.
Kanika Khara
Nowadays due to busy and hectic lifestyles, a lot of people usually don't have time as well as the energy to spend hours in the kitchen. Whether it is about preparing meals early in the morning or late at night, we are usually running short of time. Especially when it comes to preparing dinner, by the time we reach home from work, we are tired and exhausted and in such conditions cooking would be the last thing that could ever come to our minds. And so most of the time to satiate our hunger we resort to junk or fast foods, which are not at all good for health. Hence, if you are looking out for easy ways to prepare a healthy meal for you and your partner, here come healthy meal ideas for two that can help you sail smoothly in those tough conditions.

Meal Ideas for a Couple

Given below are some simple meal ideas and recipes for two that will help you prepare your meals in less time and minimal efforts.

Breakfast Meal Ideas
The most important meal of the day is breakfast which many of us usually skip in a haste to reach our work places. However, now this won't be the case, as here come some easy and healthy breakfast ideas for you.
  • Easiest and the most healthiest of all, an egg sandwich serves as the best breakfast meal. To make it more delicious, in place of normal bread take two whole wheat bread slices and top each slice with cheese.
  • You can also prepare a vegetable sandwich by spreading butter over two English muffins, topping each with onion and tomato slices, some cheese and basil. Bake until the cheese melts and your sandwich is ready.
Lunch Ideas
The next important meal of the day which again should not be ignored is lunch. Hence, here are some simple and cheap meal ideas for lunch.
  • For lunch you can have a nutritious salad which can be prepared by mixing lettuce, ginger dressing, wonton strips and tuna seared with soy sauce.
  • If you have last night's leftovers, they can serve as the perfect stuffing for your lunch sandwiches. Whether it's turkey, chicken or even a vegetable, stuff it in the bread slices with cheese, walnuts, onions, celery and season with your favorite sauce.
Dinner for Two
When it comes to preparing dinner, you will also agree that most of us look out for other easy alternatives like, burgers, pizzas, etc. Hence, to get rid of this bad habit, check out the below given simple and easy dinner ideas for two. Moreover, if you are planning a meal for someone special, these dinner ideas can also be used as romantic meal ideas.
  • Fish and chicken are the two easiest dishes to prepare. Cook fish in a pan containing white wine, butter and capers. Likewise you can also prepare chicken especially chicken breasts which take hardly any time to cook.
  • On an easier side, you can prepare cheese macaroni by putting cooked macaroni in a greased baking dish and then adding shredded cheese to it. Take a bowl, mix together egg, milk, salt and paprika and pour this mixture over the macaroni. Sprinkle some bread crumbs and cheese, and bake at 400° F or until it turns golden brown.
Apart from these, pasta treats, bread rolls with cheese, turkey and ham, pork spring rolls, meatballs and taco soups, Mexican wraps with tomatoes, etc. are some other easy food items to make that can also serve the purpose of eating a delectable and nutritious meal. Although the aforementioned quick and healthy meal ideas for two will surely help you to prepare your meals with less efforts required, making a meal plan beforehand for the entire week will definitely save considerable amount of time.
Baked Macaroni and Cheese with Breadcrumb Topping
Saute fillet of tilapia with Capers Sauce