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Lunch Ideas for Work

So, you are about to join your new workplace and need some lunch ideas for work. Preparing lunch for work is quite challenging as you have to make sure that the meal is quick and easy to prepare and equally good for health.
Tastessence Staff
Last Updated: Aug 30, 2018
People usually get bored eating the food provided at the staff canteen, when eaten for a longer period of time. Preparing lunch by yourself saves your money and also guarantees good health, as you are aware of the ingredients.
Friends Enjoying Lunch
To make a perfect day, our lunch should be tasty and healthy. You just require enough time on your hands for preparing your lunch, as you do not want to get late for office. However, you need not worry as here are some healthy lunch ideas for work.
Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Sandwiches have been an age-old favorite for most people. Many people prefer taking sandwiches for their lunch at work, because they are easy and can be prepared within no time. All you need is some sandwich bread and stuff it with your favorite filling.
For those who love sandwiches, keep in mind to experiment with different type of breads and fillings. This will keep your lunch from being monotonous. Here are some tips on fillings that you can use in your sandwich:
Club Sandwiches
Sliced cucumber, lettuce, and tomatoes with hummus.
Toast Sandwich With Cheese And Bacon  \
Grated carrot with hummus.
  • Mayonnaise spread with chopped celery, tofu, and sprinkled pepper.
  • Egg omelet with lettuce and some cheese.
Delicious italian creamy risotto: dried tomatoes and mushrooms with cheese
Food items made from rice are some of the most healthy lunch ideas to carry to work. You may require some extra time to boil the rice.
However, if you keep the other ingredients ready early in the morning or before going to sleep, then you can save a lot of your time, while actually preparing the dish. Rice with some shredded cheese in your favorite flavor, makes a good idea for lunch.
Other Lunch Ideas
Salad with your favorite dressing can make your lunch more yummy. However, ensure that you use fresh vegetables. Certain vegetables like lettuce may turn brown, so, use proper containers for carrying your salad. Use a variety of vegetables in your salad and see that you add dressings of sauce, mayonnaise, cheese, etc., when you are about to have your lunch.
Assorted nuts, dry fruits, mix nuts
Besides lunch, you will also have to carry some snacks. Dried fruits are healthy and easy to carry snack items.
Fresh Sliced Watermelon
You can also eat your favorite fruits along with some dip for snacks.
Cup Of Hot Cocoa
Other than snacks, you may also carry some drinks as refreshments. For this, you can get juice boxes, cocoa, herb tea, soy shakes, etc.
White Fruit Basket
Whenever you go for buying grocery, see that you have brought enough vegetables, fruits, spreads, and fillings, in bulk, so that they will satisfy the requirements of lunch, for at least one week.
Always keep the ingredients ready beforehand. This will reduce the mess and hurry, while preparing the lunch in the morning. If you have some leftovers from the dinner, make clever use of it, to prepare the lunch of the next day.
So, if you are bored eating the same lunch everyday, use these lunch ideas for work. Always keep rotating the menu items. Have a variety of food daily. Happy lunching!