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Yummy Lunch Ideas for Picky Eaters to Make Them Lick Fingers

Loveleena Rajeev Apr 29, 2019
Check out a few lunch ideas for picky eaters that will not only save you a lot of time and trouble, but also bring you some relief knowing that your kid ate.
A picky eater is any mother's worst nightmare. These kids eat with a whole lot of fuss and in inadequate quantities. Enthusiasm is shown more in spitting the food out than in eating it. It not only takes a toll on the kids' health and on the parent's mental state. However, these are a few ways to get around the picky eaters and some ideas for lunch.

School Lunch Ideas for Choosy Kids

A picky eater at home behaves differently at school. All kids get hunger pangs and will get hungry, as their energy is spent faster than adults. But still kids don't eat, they either bring back the lunch box intact or very conveniently drop in the dustbin.
In most cases, experts feel that lunch time is power struggle between kids and parents, which leaves everyone frustrated. At home, however, a parent can still keep an eye on their kid's eating habits, but in school, it isn't really possible. So, try to make lunches that have variations, that include both, taste and a little indulgence for the child.


Children love pasta, so use tomatoes, spinach, or just plain cheese to make them.


Sandwich is a great place to sneak in vegetables, along with your kid's favorite meat. Add peanut butter for taste, but avoid mayonnaise.


A topping of minced vegetables, like carrots, green peppers, mushrooms, etc., topped with a healthy spoonful of cheese will be a delight for your kid.

Cookies and Cakes

Cookies made from whole wheat cereals or multi grains can be a healthy alternative than fried snacks on days when time is short to fix lunch.


Pancakes made of mashed potatoes or wheat batter, topped with a colorful array of vegetables, will have the kids wipe out the lunch box.


Boiled, scrambled, deviled, or on toast, eggs are a winner all the way.


They'll rarely want a veggie salad, but most will eat fruits. Make a salad of fresh bright-colored seasonal fruits.


This snack, mostly perceived as junk food, can be turned into a well-hidden healthy food. Get whole grain burgers and fill them with chicken and vegetables.

Fried Stuff

One can indulge the kids with some fried foods too once in a while. You can fry batter-dipped broccoli, cauliflower, baby corn, mushrooms, potatoes, and chicken or fish strips.
A child who is allowed to participate in choosing his/her own meals will show more interest in eating them. Lunch-time meals should be non-fussy and non-messy for the kids. They should be quick bites, but highly nutritious at the same time. There are many fruits, vegetables, etc., that can be used to make easy recipes for picky eaters.
Try to collect more ideas from mothers who have undergone this period. Bear in mind that children do not like to be nagged when it comes to food, so it is important to develop good eating habits right from the beginning.
Encourage your child to eat variety of food, to eat one bite at a time, even though the time taken to complete that one bite can stretch. Patience, learning to listen to the child's refusal, and acceptance will yield better results that threatening or coercing him/her to finish the meal.