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Kinds of Food Mexicans Eat

Aarti R Sep 29, 2018
The classic and delightful Mexican cuisine is one of the most diverse cuisines in the world. Read on to discover the myriad tastes from Mexico.
Mexican food has a unique taste, which is a blend of the Native American and Spanish food. Mexico is famous for its chili, which makes this cuisine spicy. More than 140 varieties of chili are grown in Mexico and are included in the Mexican cuisine.
Mexican cuisine is not only spicy but has also introduced corn, chocolate, peanuts, vanilla, coconut, tomatoes, and beans, which are some of main ingredients of the famous desserts in world. These ingredients are a gift of the rich Aztec culture that developed here.
The Spanish invaded the Aztec civilization in the 16th century and brought with them sheep, pork, wine, vinegar, and cheese from Europe. The Spanish also introduced the method of frying in animal fat. Thereafter, sautéing and frying became the usual culinary activities of Mexico.
Some ingredients in this cuisine are from South America, Caribbean, and Africa. This cuisine is made with different quantities of spices and variety of staple ingredients used in various regions of Mexico. Mostly Mexicans eat food served on a banana leaf.

Staple Food of Mexico

The staple food of Mexican people reflects the Aztec influence and contains the following dishes:


It is a main element in the famous tacos, enchiladas, and quesadillas. Tortillas are made of corn (maize). Delicious tortillas which are low in fats are served hot. Corn tortillas are Mesoamerican and complement the Mexican food.


These are fiesta foods in Mexico and they belong to the Aztec cuisine. They are made from corn and slaked lime. Slaked lime is also known as nixtamal, which softens the corn for easy digestion. Usually, tamales in Mexico city are wrapped in corn husks.


This is a soup-like dish made of beans, which is usually served after meals in Mexico.


These are rolled tacos with chicken and sauce as the main elements and are spicy. Enchilada sauce is made from dried chili.


These are sauces that are made of tomatoes, tomatillos, and chipotle (ripened and smoked pepper).


It is an alcoholic drink which is taken along with lime juice and is served in the form of margarita.


This is a sauce in which the main ingredient is avocado. Avocado is the fruit with the highest fat content. Other ingredients in guacamole are onion, Serrano chilies, tomatoes, cilantro, and sea salt. This sauce dates back to the Aztecs.

Regional Mexican Food

Due to its diversity, as you travel in Mexico, food changes are observed with every region. The climate in Mexico varies, and so does the taste. Sauces in Mexican cuisine are also called mole, and are said to have originated in Aztec cuisine.


Mole is prominently used to make food in Puebla and Oaxaca. Mole is made from chili, chocolate, herbs, and spices. Today, mole is a generic term used for different kinds of sauces. Mole is known as mole poblano as it comes from Puebla.
Mole poblano De guajolote is turkey prepared in mole poblano and is the national dish of Mexico. Enchiladas, rice, and chicken are often garnished with mole.


Veracruz has a long coastline with fish, their staple food. Fish dishes are made in a sauce made from tomatoes, olives, capers and chilies and is named after the state Veracruz, as la veracruzana. Veracruz has an exotic variety of fruits like cherimoya, mamey, and guanabana.


Yucatan has a sweet cuisine, because the sauces are basically fruit-based. This is a place for people who have a sweet tooth. Seville oranges, pepper, garlic, cumin, and annato seeds form the major ingredients of the sauce made in Yucatan. Commercial ports in Yucatan have added a French and Cuban touch to its cuisine.


Oaxaca is famous for its coffee made from sugar and cinnamon and is known as la olla. Moles in Oaxaca are succulent and rich, but making them is a cumbersome process.
The only difference between Pueblo and Oaxaca recipes is that in the latter case, banana is added to the mole. Food in Oaxaca is famous for its complexity, vibrant taste, and innovative alterations in the recipes.

Shrimp Veracruz

Guacamole Sauce Nacho Chips

Potato Tortilla With Arugula And Tomatoes

Mashed Guacamole

The rich and diverse Mexican cuisine is often confused with the Americanized versions of Mexican food. However, the relishing and savory cuisine that Mexicans eat can spice up your taste buds in any of its variation!