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Jam Filled Butter Cookies

Jam Filled Butter Cookies

If you are thinking of making jam cookies for your loved ones, then you are on the right page. This article presents easy and quick jam filled butter cookie recipes. Also scroll down to know about the calories and nutrition facts of jam butter cookies...
Leena Palande
Not only kids but adults also love cookies. The aromatic fragrance of freshly baked cookies can trigger your appetite like nothing else. Baking cookies is not a very difficult job, if you know some basic rules about baking. You can have the desired texture, color, and the appearance, if you make the cookies at home itself. Moreover, you can increase the nutritional value of the cookies by adding healthy nuts or by using a healthy flour while preparing them.

Easy Recipes for Jam Filled Butter Cookies

Recipe 1

Here is a recipe which requires very little and inexpensive ingredients.

Ingredients: Butter (1 cup), sugar (half cup), flour (2 cups), water and jam.

Procedure: Take one cup of butter and soften it. Add half a cup of powdered sugar and two cups of all-purpose flour to it. A small amount of water can be added to the mixture to get the perfect consistency. Roll the dough and make about 35 - 36 half inch balls. Dip a small glass in sugar and press it gently on each ball in order to flatten it. Press indentation in the center of each cookie and fill it with jam. You can add about half a tsp. of your favorite jam in the center of the cookies. Bake these cookies at 350 degrees F until they turn golden brown. You can even decorate these cookies in various ways to capture the spirit of the occasion. So, making cookies is as easy as eating them! You may browse through this article on healthy cookies from scratch, for more recipes. Here is another recipe for healthy jam butter cookies.

Recipe 2

Ingredients: Butter (⅔ cup), sugar (⅓ cup), eggs (2), salt (half tsp), strawberry jam (half cup), walnuts (¾ cup small pieces), vanilla essence (1 tsp).

Procedure: Take the butter and soften it. Slowly add sugar to the butter, mix it well until fluffy. Sift the flour. Separate the eggs. Beat the egg whites gently and keep it aside. Keep the greased sheet ready. Add egg yolks, vanilla essence, and salt to this mixture, and beat well. Add the four slowly, and finally make a smooth and soft dough. Make about 35 - 36 (¾ inch) balls. Dip every ball in the beaten egg white, and then lightly roll it in walnuts. The ball will get covered with the walnuts. Slightly press it while keeping it on the greased sheet. Then press it in the center and add ¼ teaspoon of jam over there. Maintain a distance of one inch between two cookies. Heat these cookies at 350ºF in the oven, for 15 minutes.

Calories and Nutritional Facts of Jam Filled Butter Cookies

Calories in jam butter cookies will vary according to the type and amount of ingredients used. If eggs are used, the cookies will contain some cholesterol. Whole wheat flour or oatmeal can be used to make healthier cookies. They will contain more nutrients and fiber. You can use butter substitute to reduce the calories in the cookies too.
  • One raspberry jam cookie contains about 88 calories. It comes with 8.5 g sugar, 13 mg cholesterol, and 13.2 g fiber. Total fat content will be 3.6 g. It has 26 mg sodium.
  • 2 peanut butter and jam cookies will contain 140 calories, 11g fat, 210 mg sodium, 7 g carbohydrates and 6 g protein.
  • Calories in 1 serving of butter cookies with jam can be 110.
Jam filled butter cookies are rich in carbohydrates. You just need to understand the characteristic nature of each ingredient while making cookies at home. Accurate measurement of the ingredients is essential, if you want to make delicious and light cookies. Over-mixing and over-baking should be avoided. I am sure, this weekend, your loved ones will definitely enjoy some yummy homemade jam butter cookies.