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Interesting Facts About Culinary Arts

These Interesting Facts About Culinary Arts Will Leave You Stunned

Culinary art is a skill that is most sought after in hotel and hospitality industries. There is a great demand for a good culinarian in many organizations. Here are a few interesting facts about culinary arts.
Maya Pillai
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
"There is no love sincerer than the love of food." ― George Bernard Shaw
The term culinary is derived from the word "Culina". It means cooking or cooking area. A person who is an expert in the culinary arts is known as a "culinarian". Culinarians are in great demand in the hotel industry. Today, these people are paid heftily for their service rendered. This is one of the fields of study that is currently in vogue among many young people. There are many catering schools teaching this course and the competition is very high, as more and more youngsters are becoming interested in this art of cooking. This is a skill that could be learned if you are interested in cooking. There are many people who are good cooks, but may not have the skills to present their dishes. Presentation of your food is also a part of this course. The culinarians are not only good cooks, but they also know how to decorate their dishes beautifully. This article presents to you some interesting facts about culinary arts.
Historical Facts
  • In 1879, the first cooking school was opened in Boston known as "Boston Cooking School". This school conducted lessons on the "art of American cooking". This school also prepared the students to hand over their knowledge and skills to others.
  • In 1896, Fannie Merritt Farmer's book on American recipes and culinary art was published. This was the first cookbook to be written and published. Farmer was a former student of Boston Cooking School. This book is still used as a reference book.
  • James Beard is known as the father of the American Cuisine. In 1946, his cooking classes on the art of American cooking were telecasted.
  • In 1960, Julia Child introduced French cuisine to the American society. Radio stations aired her programs.
  • Culinary Institute of America (CIA) was established in the late 1960s in the campus of Yale University, Connecticut. In 1972, CIA shifted its location to New York. This was the first culinary school to conduct career-oriented courses on culinary arts.

Career Facts
  • One of the most common careers is working in food service in restaurants. You could work as either a chef or as restaurant manager. However, choose a good and stable restaurant to begin with.
  • Another career option is conducting classes in some reputed institutions. There is a good demand for lecturers. You should have a flair for teaching.
  • There is a great demand for culinarians in many star hotels and resorts. There are several areas of focus in this field. If you are good in baking and cake decorations, you can choose to work as a bakeshop attendant.

There are many positions ranging from chef to managers in this field. However, you can be a success only through proper training and practice.
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