Infused Olive Oil Recipes

Infused olive oil can be prepared by flavoring the oil with herbs and spices. This article provides some recipes for preparing the same.
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Infused oils are prepared by adding herbs and spices to cooking oils, so as to enhance their flavor. These oils are mainly used for cooking, especially, stir frying and sauteing. Sometimes, they are used for oil massage too. Infused oils are very commonly used in salad dressings and dipping. Though infused oils are easily available in the market, you can prepare them on your own.
As olive oil is widely used for cooking, it can be used for making infused oils. The remaining ingredients include herbs and spices of your choice. You can opt for your favorite herbs or spices or a blend of both. While fresh herbs can add more flavor to the oil, dry ones may not bring such a strong flavor. However, infused oil prepared with fresh herbs is prone to get spoiled easily, whereas those with dry herbs are long-lasting. As far as their storage is concerned, sterilized glass bottles are mostly used.
Methods of Preparation
  • Method I: Basically, there are three methods to prepare infused olive oils. The most common and simplest method is to place the herbs/spices and olive oil in a sterilized bottle. The bottle is sealed and left at room temperature for a month or more, so that the flavor of herbs gets infused in the oil. Once the desired level of infusion is achieved, the oil is stored in the refrigerator.
  • Method II: The next method is hot oil infusion. In this method, the oil and the herbs/spices are combined in a pan, which is heated to a temperature of around 180 to 195°F. The heating process triggers release of flavorings to the oil, which is then cooled, strained and stored (refrigerated) in glass containers.
  • Method III: The third one is the cold method, in which the oil is blended in a food processor along with the desired herbs and spices. The blended mixture is refrigerated after straining (optional). This method is mostly used in case of dry herbs and spices.
Garlic-Infused Olive Oil
In order to prepare this recipe, you need half a cup of extra virgin olive oil and four to five cloves of garlic, which are thinly sliced. All you have to do is to heat the olive oil over medium heat; and add the garlic slices, when the oil becomes warm. Cook garlic in the oil, so that the flavor is released; but, remove the pan from heat, before the garlic changes color. It takes around three to five minutes for the oil to get infused with garlic flavor. Let the oil cool, before straining and storage. You can use the oil within a day, or store it in the refrigerator.
Olive Oil Infused With Lemon
In order to make lemon infused olive oil recipe, only two ingredients are required. One is extra virgin olive oil and the other is a whole lemon. One large lemon will be sufficient for a cup of olive oil. Clean the lemon, and let it dry completely. Once the lemon is dry, remove the yellow part of the lemon rind with a sharp knife. Combine olive oil and lemon peel in a pan, and heat them over medium heat for at least eight to ten minutes. After that, remove the pan from the stove, and let the oil cool. Strain the oil and store in a sterilized glass jar in a cool, dark place, or in the refrigerator. You may also combine lemon zest and olive oil in a sterilized jar, and store it at room temperature for a few days. Once the oil gets the desired levels of flavor; strain and use it, or store in the refrigerator.
Herb-Infused Olive Oil
Clean and dry the herbs and spices, and slightly bruise them, so as to release the flavors. Put them in a sterilized glass jar, and fill it with warm olive oil. Keep the jar in a cool, dark place, for around ten to twelve days. After ten days, check the flavor of the oil. If the oil has the desired levels of flavor, strain and store it. Otherwise, add a little more of herbs and spices and keep it for another five to eight days, before storage.
In short, preparing infused olive oil is very easy, and it is always a better option to make such products on your own, rather than buying the ready-made ones.
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