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Inexpensive Meal Ideas

Inexpensive meal ideas can come in handy when it is a situation that elaborate or sophisticated meals can prove to be a pinch to your pockets. If you are short on such ideas, look no further, the text coming up is all about that!
Tastessence Staff
Short of cash and time? Tired and expecting some guests? No need to be despaired. You can relax, take a nice shower and come out rejuvenated. The reason? Well, the text coming up is going to sort out your gourmet problems and help you stir up a nice, cheap meal. Here are some hassle free, quick and inexpensive meal ideas for you!
# 1
Where there is a meal, there is a potato! Certainly enough, potato is the most amazing vegetable on the face of this earth. If you would not get anything else but potatoes, you will surely do. Thus the first meal idea is to have baked potatoes. Super quick and super cheap! Bake the potatoes in the oven, for starters and well, the idea almost comes to an end there. But if the idea of eating just potatoes does not appeal to you much, well, there is a plethora of items you can eat with baked potatoes. Chili and broccoli or even simple garlic bread can be teamed up with baked potatoes.
# 2
Craving for meaty meat but do not want a dent in your pocket? Try doing this. Buy soup bones from the butcher rather than meat. The best part about them is that they are very cheap and having them instead of whole meat does not compromise on the nutritional value.
# 3
Spaghetti and pasta is another lifesaving option when it comes to inexpensive meal ideas. Team it up with veggies, or garlic bread and they make a hearty meal. This is a must have when you are talking about cheap meal ideas. Something like pasta-e-fagioli can be a really nice pick.
# 4
A little bit of meal planning can also help you come up with cheap and quick meal ideas. For instance, let us say you buy a vegetable in a particular quantity and you have not planned your meals. You do not use the whole thing. It is going to go bad. But, if you plan and then shop for the groceries and veggies, you can buy the stuff in bulk save money there!
# 5
The lesser the ingredients, the lesser the money, the more the ingredients, the more expensive it gets. You get this drift, right? Obviously, you would save money on a simpler meal rather than an elaborate 7 course meal.
# 6
Hotdogs, pigs in a blanket, soup, fried rice and vegetables, buying whole chicken instead of those jazzy boneless and skinless chicken breasts is yet another inexpensive meal. Sometimes cheap meals can be made out of substituting expensive ingredients with cheap ones.
# 7
The lesser the ingredients, the better and faster. So another recipe in that line is steamed vegetables and rice. Simple enough? Chop veggies - squash, broccoli, carrots and whichever veggies you like. Let them steam. While they steam cook up the rice. Add some chicken and teriyaki sauce perhaps and you are all set!
# 8
If you are an egg-lover, well, then you don't even have to think too much! Boil them, scramble them, combine them with bread and get French toast or make poached eggs, make egg curry, the Indian style, cheese omelet, whoa! The list although does not end here, these things were just a trailer as to what all can you do with eggs.
A bit of thriftiness and presence of mind with a dash of planning will help you come up with many more such ideas. Are you ready then to whip some nice meals like these? If you are, then Bon Appetit!
Poached Eggs on Toasted English Muffin
Chicken Teriyaki
Wire shopping basket filled with groceries and vegetables
Pork ribs clear soup
Baked potatoes and brocoli