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Trussing a Chicken is Surprisingly Easy! Here's How to Do It

How to Truss a Chicken
Roasting stuffed chicken or cooking it over a rotisserie requires trussing. Chicken, if not trussed can cause the wings and legs to flop, thereby disrupting the shape of the chicken. Let us have a look at the different steps involved in trussing a chicken.
Priya Johnson
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Trussing refers to the process of tying up an entire chicken before roasting it. This process prevents the legs and wings of the bird from flopping around while roasting, thereby allowing it to maintain shape. Once cooked, the string can be removed and the roasted chicken remains intact. Trussing is individual choice and not a compulsory procedure. It just aids in the preparation of a more attractive-looking chicken. Moreover, the chicken cooks evenly and is easier to carve after trussing. However, it is very important to truss the chicken if a rotisserie is being used, or any other roasting technique involving the flipping of the whole chicken while cooking. Improper trussing while cooking the chicken on a rotisserie can cause the legs and wings to get burned. Moreover, uneven cooking will take place due to the flopping parts as the chicken rotates.
Materials Required
  • Whole chicken
  • Stuffing (prepared earlier) and seasonings
  • Kitchen string (4 - 5 times the length of the chicken)
  • Cutting board
  • Knife or pair of scissors to trim the string
Prior Preparation
Before actually beginning to truss the chicken, a few things have to be done. The neck and giblets from the cavity of the chicken must be discarded. They can be used for some other chicken recipes, soup recipes or stock preparation. The chicken needs to be rinsed with cold water and patted dry. As per individual choice the chicken can be stuffed or seasoned. Various chicken roast recipes are available, according to which the chicken can be prepared. As per individual choice the chicken can be stuffed or seasoned. Place the chicken on a clean cutting board with the breast side up. The tail must face you. After this, one must tuck the wings under the chicken by bending the second joints of the wings backwards. The chicken is ready for trussing.
How to Truss a Chicken
  • Once the chicken has been prepared for trussing, slip the thread under the chicken in such a way that there is equal amount of thread on either side.
  • Allow the string to encircle the wings and pull the string towards you. This will cause the chicken wings to lay flat on either side.
  • Next, direct the string to cross the basal part of the breast and wrap it carefully around the drumsticks.
  • Give a tight pull to the string until the legs of the chicken cross.
  • Next, hold the tail portion of the chicken and wrap the string around it. Pull tightly till the entire cavity of the chicken is completely covered.
  • Place the chicken breast side up again, and take the ends of the string and pull them towards the front of the chicken, and tie a firm knot.
  • The excess string must be trimmed using the knife or scissor.
  • Check the entire chicken and see if it's tied securely from all sides. The chicken is trussed and ready to be cooked.
Once the chicken has been cooked, remember to remove the string before serving! Trussing gives the chicken an attractive shape when it comes out of the oven. Besides the string technique, one can even opt for skewers to truss the chicken. The skewers when driven through each of the wings into the skin of both the legs keeps the chicken intact. However, this technique is not as reliable and successful as the string one. Trussing is not an easy technique and requires a lot of effort to master it. But, once mastered you will enjoy it!
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