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How to Serve Absinthe

How to Serve Absinthe

Would you like to learn how to serve absinthe? Read the following article to know how this old herbal alcoholic drink is served properly...
Sheetal Mandora
Disclaimer - This article has information about an alcoholic drink and how it is supposed to be made. Be advised that you need to be 21 years of age or older to consume the drink. If you are under the age of 21, do consult your parents/guardians about the same. This article is supposed to be taken for informational purposes only.

What is absinthe? It is a herbal spirit which is made from the anise seed, fennel seed, and wormwood (over 127 varieties). This distilled alcoholic drink is famous since the late 19th century. It has a high alcoholic content, almost 45% to 75%, the flavor of this beverage is derived from grand wormwood leaves and flowers. The drink has its own natural green color but nowadays, the drink is available colorless as well. It is said that the absinthe drink was once favorite among Vincent Van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, Arthur Rimbaud, and many more. In various bars and restaurants, this drink is served using various techniques and flavors. While using certain herbs, the flavors of the drink can also be changed. There is a particular way to serve this interesting drink and this article will illustrate what the proper steps are. So, keep reading the article to find out more.

Serving Absinthe the Right Way

Known for its stress busting magic and hallucinating effects, many people want to learn how to serve absinthe. Although with the risk of causing seizures, disorder of sleep pattern and speech, altering an individual's perception, and cognitive abilities, absinthe is best consumed at a moderate level. However, these ill effects of the drink haven't been proven scientifically. Many people consider the hallucinating effects of absinthe to be a myth. Keeping that in mind, we will move on to the main topic of the article - how this alcoholic drink is made the right way.

The Louching Technique
In this method, the absinthe drink alters its natural, clear green color to a cloudy, shady, and milky looking white color. Many people are under false impression that they need to light the absinthe to enhance its flavor. In fact, you don't need to light your absinthe on fire. Follow the steps mentioned below and make your very own glass of magnificent absinthe drink.
  • You require - an absinthe glass or a regular wine glass, an absinthe spoon or a big fork, pot of water with a spout, ice cubes, a good absinthe bottle, and sugar cubes (optional).
  • You need ice-old water to prepare the drink. So before you begin, add ice cubes inside the pot of water. Meanwhile fill the glass with only 1 oz. of absinthe drink.
  • As we discussed earlier, absinthe is quite strong and potent. So, make sure you don't add excess drink in one glass.
  • Before you begin making the drink, it is a good idea to taste neat absinthe; a tiny sip. What you want to do here is, see if the absinthe you've selected is sweet in taste or not. If the absinthe is already sweet, then you don't need to add sugar cubes in the drink.
  • Slowly pour, or rather let the water drip lightly in the glass. This is what louching means. You are diluting absinthe and changing its color from clear green to milky white.
  • If you find that the absinthe is slightly bitter in taste, then you'll have to add it in the drink. This is what you do. Place an absinthe spoon or fork on top of the glass and a sugar cube over it. When you pour the water into the glass, pour it directly over the sugar cube so it dissolves properly.
  • The ratio of water to absinthe should be 5 parts to 1 part. Of course, this ratio can be modified according to your own preference. Finally, use a spoon to stir the drink properly and immediately take a sip.
You can add more cold water to the drink if you like. Just remember to let it drip slowly, at an even rate. Now that you know how to make absinthe, try serving this drink at parties or at a special occasion. Enjoy and remember... please drink responsibly and don't drive if you're under the influence.