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How to Peel a Mango

How to Peel a Mango

Many people want to taste the delicious flavor of a mango but have never tried it. Also, they don't know how to peel it properly and end up throwing away a certain amount of flesh along with the peels.
Kalpana Kumari
A mango is a delicious fruit that is packed with numerous nutrients. This is the reason why, it is called the 'king of fruits'. Its scientific name is Mangifera indica. It is a tropical fruit and finds its origin in Southern and Southeast Asia. However, it has been introduced to many parts of the world including South America and Africa.

Mangoes can be eaten in both raw and ripe form. When raw, its flesh is hard, white and sour to taste. When it ripens, the flesh turns into yellow or orange color, becomes soft, juicy and very sweet to taste. You can eat a ripe mango as it is, or can have it as a part of a fruit salad, salsa, pudding, milkshake, etc. You can obtain all the information on its nutritional values, recipes, etc., but what's the point until you know how to peel it, as you can't eat or use it without taking out its skin. Well, the present article tells you the best way to peel this fruit. When you peel it a portion of the flesh too adheres to the skin and hence you're that much short of the mango. As a lot of countries import this fruit, it is priced at a mid to high level in the market, depending on the type and flavor. Therefore, it is important to understand the exact technique to peel it, so that you incur minimum or no wastage.

Best Way to Peel a Mango
  • Take a fully ripe mango and wash it well with warm water.
  • Take a knife and cut off the stem, if there is any.
  • Hold it in the grip of your palm. It should be in an upright position.
  • Take out the peel with a Pairing knife. Try to follow the curve and cut out only the peel, not the flesh.
  • Lay the fruit on its flat end. Cut it into two pieces, cutting once from both the sides. Work around the flat, big seed in the middle.
  • As the result of the above step, you will get a total of three pieces.
  • Take one piece and cut it 2-3 times vertically.
  • Now, make 3 -4 horizontal cuts in the same piece.
  • The above two steps will give you small cubes of mango. Put all the cubes so obtained in a plate or a bowl.
  • Perform the above three steps for the other big piece that is without a seed.
  • Take the piece which is with the seed. Hold it with your palm in a vertical position.
  • Cut the flesh from both the sides. This is possible by going straight down separately for each side.
  • Place both the long pieces obtained by performing the above two steps together.
  • Cut the two long pieces 2-3 times horizontally, into cubes.
  • Put all the cubes in the bowl or plate.You may sprinkle a small amount of table salt on the pieces to enhance the taste. However, this step is only recommended for those who wish to have additional flavor. Otherwise, this is a complete fruit that does not need flavoring.
A mango does not only soothe your taste buds but also energizes you from within. It provides you with numerous nutrients that are valuable to health and life. They include protein, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, cholesterol, potassium, and magnesium. This fruit is delicious as well as nutritious. So go ahead and learn how to peel it properly, so that you can enjoy this wholesome fruit without wasting even a single bit.
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