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Pictorial Guide on How to Make the Most Delicious Taro Bubble Tea

How to Make Taro Bubble Tea
The sweet and creamy taro bubble tea is a delicious drink to quench your thirst. Making this bubbly drink at home is quite simple. Learn how to make taro bubble tea, in this Tastessence article.
Buzzle Staff
Last Updated: Apr 28, 2018
Quick Tip
To enjoy your delicious taro bubble tea, use an extra-large straw so that the tapioca pearls pass through easily.
Bubble tea, though originally from Taiwan, has become popular all over the world in the recent years. It was first made in the 1980s.

It is basically a sweetened iced tea or smoothie. Tapioca pearls, also called boba, are added to the tea. Bubble tea is available in many different flavors; fruit flavors like mango, strawberry, passion fruit, green apple, banana, pineapple, and many more, and other flavors like chocolate, mocha, almond, ginger, lavender, rose, etc. One of the tastiest flavors available is taro. In case you are wondering what a taro bubble tea is made of, we have the answer.

Taro bubble tea is a normal bubble tea, except that it is flavored with taro root powder. Making this tea at home is very easy, and will help you make a healthier version as well.
✦ Sugar, 1/2 cup
✦ Milk, ½ cup
✦ Tapioca pearls, dried, ¼ cup
✦ Taro root powder, ¼ cup
✦ Tea bags, 1 - 2
✦ Water, as required
Step 1: Cook the Tapioca Pearls
Uncooked Tapioca Pearls
Uncooked Tapioca Pearls
✦ They are easily found in any Asian store, otherwise you can order them online.

✦ Boil water equivalent to six times the quantity of pearls. Add the pearls to it. They will take approximately 30 minutes to cook. Follow the instructions on the packet.

✦ Some quick-cooking ones are also available which take hardly 5 - 10 minutes to cook.
Step 2: Sweeten them
Cooked and Sweetened Tapioca Pearls
Cooked and Sweetened Tapioca Pearls
✦ Make a sugar syrup to coat them. Boil ½ cup water and add an equal amount of sugar to it. Remove from heat when the sugar has completely dissolved.

✦ Pour the syrup over the pearls, ensuring that they are completely immersed in it.

✦ Remove them from the sugar syrup after 15 - 20 minutes.

✦ Use them immediately. If not, store in a refrigerator with the syrup.

✦ Now that your pearls are ready, it's time to make the tea.
Step 3: Make the Tea
✦ Take 1 cup boiling water. Add a tea bag to it. You can add two tea bags if you like your tea strong.

✦ Now add the taro powder and milk to make it creamy. You can also add some fresh cream or fruits for an added flavor.
Step 4: Shake and Serve
Taro Bubble Tea
Taro Bubble Tea
✦ Shake all the ingredients well. The drink should get a bubbly texture. That's where it gets its name from. Add ice if you want it chilled.

✦ Pour it in a tall glass. Add the tapioca pearls. And your taro bubble tea is ready to serve.
Is Taro Bubble Tea Healthy?
✦ There are 313 calories in a serving of taro bubble tea, of which most come from carbohydrates.

✦ Taro root is rich in potassium and fiber, and also contains vitamins A and C. But the processed powder used in the tea is not that nutritious.

✦ Sugar is used to sweeten the drink, and tapioca pearls (which are high in calories), make it a very high-calorie drink. So it is best to enjoy it only occasionally.

✦ You can use green tea and substitute sugar with honey, for a healthier version of this drink.

✦ Include different fruits, and use jelly instead of tapioca pearls for a fruity twist to the traditional bubble tea.