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How to Make a Purple Hooter Shooter Drink

How to Make a Purple Hooter Shooter Drink

Smooth and delicious to taste, the purple shooter is one drink you'd never want to miss. Tastessence tells you how to go about making the most divine purple hooter shooter you've ever downed.
Renuka Savant
Different names, one amazing drink.
You may also know the Purple Hooter as a Purple Kamikaze or a Raspberry Gimlet.
Judge as much as you want to, but there's a certain nonchalance about a shooter that just says, "I'm looking to have some serious fun!" In fact, don't we all tend to associate it with celebrations, right from spring breaks to breakups? Indeed, shooters take us to the moon and back in no time, nursing the mother of all hangovers the next morning. But that's not what we're concerned about at the moment.
Purple hooters or purple kamikazes are extremely easy to make in the comfort of your home, requiring none of those fancy ingredients whatsoever. All set, then? Let's begin.
Purple Hooter Shot Recipe
Purple Hooter ingredients
As with every recipe, we begin with laying out the ingredients. So, here they are.
To make 1 shooter ...
Mix all ingredients for the purple shooter
Add ...
Vodka, 2 ounces

Black raspberry liqueur, ½ ounce

Lime juice, ½ ounce

Ice, as required

As a variation, some even like to replace lime juice with triple sec, but of course, this entirely depends on your liking.
Shake the purple hooter drink
This is so that the ingredients meld into a delicious concoction.

You know it's time to stop when a thin film of condensation appears on the surface of the mixer. Let it rest for a few seconds before you move on to the last step.
Pour the purple hooter drink out
Pour out the drink in a shot glass, and down it in one go!

Psst ...
We see absolutely no harm in downing this straight from the mixer as well.

You can even enjoy the Purple Hooter as a regular cocktail, instead of a shooter. Just remember to remember the proportion of each ingredient, mix them well, and pour it out in a glass full of ice.
Each person has his own ways to enhance the flavor of a cocktail. But here are a few of our suggestions to up the quotient of your purple hooter:
  • Adding a slice of lemon as a garnish works well if you're making this as a cocktail, and not as a shot.
  • If you're drinking this as a shot, add a dash of lime soda right before you down it, if you're looking for some fizz.
  • You can even enjoy some lip-smacking Purple Hooter Jello shots, which is a fine modification. Make the lime jello mix as directed on the pack. Add vodka and raspberry liqueur, before you refrigerate it. Let it set, and your jello shots are ready!

Purple hooter shooters are perfect for all occasions, so you really should be making them sooner than later. And yes, don't forget to be a responsible drinker.