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How to Make a Pancake Breakfast Shot

How to Make a Pancake Breakfast Shot

Craving for Irish breakfast but served in shot glasses? You should serve the pancake shot to impress your loved ones. This alcoholic drink tastes syrupy and sweet just like pancakes, and is soon becoming a celebratory shot. Tastessence aids you in serving up this delicious shot.
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There ain't any pancakes here!
The shot has been dubbed "pancake shots" and aptly so because the mix of flavors in this drink produce the perfect taste of pancakes in your mouth!

Pancakes with syrup are truly enjoyed by everyone all over the world. This fact may have prompted a new invention that transforms the first meal of a day into a liquid form. It is claimed that the new liquor-based drink, pancake breakfast shot, tastes just like pancakes laden with maple syrup. Though its origin is unknown, its word-of-mouth publicity has made it a new "it" drink. The description of this drink is enough to tempt anyone to try it.

As it is an alcohol-based drink, we will not see the typical pancake ingredients in it. So what goes in a pancake shot that makes it taste so deliciously?

How to Make a Pancake Shot

✔ Jameson Irish Whiskey, 1 oz.
✔ Butterscotch Schnapps, 1 oz.

On the Side
✔ Orange Juice , 1 oz.
✔ Bacon strip, 1

Once all the ingredients are collected, follow the below-given steps to get your shot ready.

1. Pour 1 oz. or 1 part of Jameson Irish Whiskey in a shot glass.

2. Then, pour 1 oz. or 1 part Butterscotch Schnapps over the whiskey.

3. Set the glass aside.

4. Pour 1 part orange juice in another shot glass. Set it aside.

5. Deep-fry the bacon strip and put it on a paper towel to soak any extra oil.

6. Arrange both the glasses together with the bacon strip.

Your shot is ready to be gulped down!

How to Have This Shot

1. Drink down the shot glass containing whiskey and schnapps.

2. Chase it down with orange juice.

3. Immediately consume the crispy bacon strip.

Note:The above pancake shot serves only one person.

► You can prepare the shot with Crown Royal Maple whiskey as well. Chase down the maple whiskey with a glass of orange juice and a bacon strip for the perfect pancake breakfast taste!

► If you are not a big fan of pancake shot with Jameson, replace the whiskey with the same amount of Guinness.

► Use the same amount of blueberry vodka instead of whiskey to give a blueberry flavor to your shot.

► Try hazelnut liquor instead of whiskey and pour schnapps or orange liqueur with it in a glass. Add a lemon slice and sprinkle sugar on the slice. This will add a sweet and sour taste to your pancake breakfast shot.

► You can decorate the shot glasses with cinnamon powder or sugar on their rim.

Keep in mind that pancake breakfast shots should not replace your breakfast totally. A healthy first meal of the day is still needed for an energized beginning of the day. You can enjoy the pancake shots at night too with your friends!
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