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How to Make Orange Juice at Home

How to Make Orange Juice at Home

This article deals with how to make orange juice at home by using different methods. The taste of freshly prepared homemade orange juice is something that cannot be compared with the canned or packaged ones. You can try out simple orange juice recipes to enjoy the same.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
True orange juice is the fresh fruit extract of ripe oranges prepared without fermentation. It is available as an instant healthy drink in the market. But, a negative point with commercially sold, packaged orange juice is presence of sweetening agents and preservatives. So, if you want to enjoy a refreshing orange juice, try homemade orange juice recipes. Steps for squeezing out orange juice at home are very easy, and you can follow them yourself to enjoy a fresh drink.

Methods for Making Orange Juice at Home

When it comes to making orange juice, first decide which type of juice you are interested in, the fresh extract for serving right away, or the fruit concentrate for drinking afterward. Also, there are different ways of juicing orange, and you can choose them according to your convenience. For all the recipes, you will need more than one orange for getting one glass of juice. And to get best tasting juice, ensure that matured, firm fruits without soft spots are selected. Highlighted below are some easy ways to get orange juice from fresh oranges.

Simple Squeezing Method
Talk about any type of citrus fruits, and the easiest way to extract juice out of them is squeezing. The soft rind and pulp make it possible to compress oranges for juicing. For this, you don't need any special tools or supplies. Just take a clean orange in between your palms, and soften it by rolling repeatedly. Cut orange into two halves and remove seeds (if possible). Or else, grip and squeeze them to collect liquid in a glass. Rotate orange halves and repeat the same to remove last traces of liquid. If you prefer clear juice, strain it for removing seeds and pulp.

Juicing with an Orange Squeezer
This works in a similar way as the hand squeezing method. The orange squeezer looks much like that of a lemon squeezer except for increased diameter of the utensil. Cut an orange in two halves and press the two pieces (one at a time) with the cut side facing down. Make sure that the rind is not crushed, or else it imparts a bitter tasting oil to the juice. After squeezing out maximum liquid, discard the orange halves. A plus point of using this kitchen utensil is, the collected juice is free of unwanted seeds. So, you can serve orange juice directly without straining it.

Make Use of an Orange Juicer
Speaking about how to make orange juice at home with a juicer, the preparatory steps depend on the types of juicer. You can use either a manual juicer or an electric juicer for the purpose. The latter appliance is a bit expensive, but it yields maximum juice. For using a manual juicer, put half of an orange (facing downwards). Rotate it manually to extract juice, and proceed with the same for the remaining half. On the other hand, the fruit press calls for pressing orange halves over a glass. As for using an electric juicer, the fruits may or may not require peeling. So, load the oranges according to the suggested directions for juicing.

Preparing Orange Juice Concentrate
This section is focused on how to make orange juice concentrate at home. Follow any of the above methods for juicing oranges, and transfer juice in a superior quality, narrow neck water bottle. Allow it to refrigerate until frozen. Then remove lid and put the bottle upside down over a container. Slowly, concentrated orange juice will drip into the container below. Stop the dripping process, when only orange tinged ice crystals are left in the bottle. You can repeat the procedure all over again to make a more concentrated form of orange juice.

More than the flavor and taste, the health benefits of orange juice are innumerable. So, enjoy a great tasting and nutrient loaded homemade orange juice every time you crave for a refreshing drink. And through the last procedure, you will be able to store concentrated form of orange juice in the refrigerator for an extended period. Later, you can serve it by diluting with specific amounts of water and sugar to suit your taste buds.