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How to Make Muscadine Wine

For those who have a new-found love for wine making, here's how to make Muscadine wine. Have a look...
Tastessence Staff
Muscadines in particular, or Vitis rotundifolia, are grapevines that take root in southeastern US, and has been cultivated for centuries. These delicious berries range in colors from dark purple and green to a bronzed hue, and is black when ripe. They are used for a variety of purposes, including in dessert-like jelly. They thrive on settings of humidity and heat, and if not stored well, can lose out on richness and content.
Muscadine Wine Recipe
Here, you'll find a recipe on how to make this wine, though be warned, that this process requires patience during the fermentation stage. This recipe is meant for making about three liters of wine. Give three bottles a try first, before you move on to making more.
What You'll Need
  • Potato masher
  • 1 container to house 3 liters of wine
  • Water
  • Champagne wine yeast (1 packet)
  • 3 kg of Muscadine grapes (Calories add up to 60 calories per cup)
  • 1 pound of sugar
Method of Preparation
Crush the grapes in a large dish using the potato masher and let it sit on the gas on a low flame, for about 20 minutes. Keep pressing down on the grapes in order to release the maximum amount of juice. It is advisable to do this by hand and not by blitzing it. Stir in the sugar, preferably powdered, continuously stirring it in as you add it into the mix. After you notice that the grapes have come down to a nice pulpy mix, turn the gas off and then pour the contents of the dish into the 3 liter container, adding water until it is about three-quarters towards the brim. Then mix in your champagne yeast. Quickly merge it all up before sealing it off from airborne bacteria. Seal it nice and tight so that no air escapes, and then let it ferment for 30 - 50 days in a cool, but dry place. After this time period is up, pour the wine into three individual bottles, a liter each, and seal it off again for another 30 days. Your wine should be ready to drink thereafter.
Muscadine Wine Brands
Muscadine wine brands have both white Muscadine wine and red muscadine wine in the different types that are available worldwide. You'll come across the different wineries that hold within each bottle produced, a well put together concoction using one of the best grapes out there.
Wineries That Use Muscadine Grapes
Beachaven Vineyards & Winery Chestnut Hill Winery Beans Creek Winery
Cypress Bend Vineyards Florida Orange Groves Winery Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards
Beans Creek Winery Childress Vineyards Post Familie Vineyard and Winery
Log Cabin Winery Inc Seabreeze Winery Duplin Winery
Savannah Oaks Winery Seavin Inc. Apple Barn Winery
Crimson N Scarletts Vineyard Enoch Winery, LLC Mountain Valley Vineyards
Sanders Ridge Vineyard & Winery Rocky River Vineyards Georgia Wines Inc.

Wine making is a very archaic form of turning rich grapes into a drink that may seem simple to mimic at home, but is nothing close to the real thing done in wineries. There's a lot that goes into making wine. Storage is the key, when storing the grapes before they're mashed. The longer a wine is allowed to mature, the better it will taste.