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How to Make Kool-Aid Pickles at Home

How to Make Kool-Aid Pickles at Home

Originating from the Mississippian Delta region, Kool-Aid pickles have become a favorite of almost everyone these days. This nontraditional pickle is drenched in sugar and has a Kool-Aid flavor. This Tastessence article tells you how to make this pickle at home.
Neha B Deshpande
Did You Know?
With Kool-Aid gaining popularity, many businesses have started coming up with their own Kool-Aid pickles. One of them is Pickoolas, a registered trademark by Double Quick, which is a chain store headquartered in Mississippi.
Have those flashy colored pickles made you wonder what they are made of and how? Well, you might have spotted Kool-Aid pickles; they can be made in a variety of colors and flavors. Now wondering what Kool-Aid pickles are? Let us first introduce you to Kool-Aid. It is a trademark of Kraft Foods. Kool-Aid powders of various fruit flavors are used to make Kool-Aid pickles, popularly called Koolickles.

They are dill pickles with a sugary flavored coat of Kool-Aid powder. They taste sweet and have a fruity flavor. Their color depends on the powder used to make them. They are immensely popular in the Mississippi Delta town, and much-loved by the kids. They're simple to make and taste awesome. The red-colored strawberry or cherry-flavored pickle is the most popular among these.
Koolickles - Pickles with a Fruity Twist
If you're willing to experiment, here is the recipe for a red-colored Kool-Aid pickle (flavor: cherry or strawberry).
Prep Time
5-10 minutes

➤ Dill Pickle, 1 Jar
➤ Sugar, 2-3 cups
➤ Water, 2 cups
➤ Kool-Aid unsweetened powder (flavor of your choice), 2 packets

You'll Also Require
➤ A mason jar to store the pickles
➤ A bowl
➤ A wooden spoon to stir the mixture
Step 1
dill pickles
Drain the dill pickles and preserve the water.
Step 2
Cut dill pickles
Cut the dill pickles into halves, length-wise.
pickle kool aid jar
Step 3
In a container, mix sugar, the pickle brine, and Kool-Aid powder. Stir it with a wooden spoon until the sugar has dissolved.

Step 4
Keep the cut pickles in a jar and pour the mixture in that jar. Cover it with a lid.

Step 5
Refrigerate the jar for at least a week. (That calls for patience.)
Ta-da! Your Koolickles are ready to be relished.
You may choose the Kool-Aid powder according to the color and flavor you want. Mix two or more powders if you like. The cherry and strawberry flavors that give a red color to your Koolickle remain to be the most popular, but your favorites could be different.

What are Dill Pickles?
They are cucumber pickles that are seasoned with the flavor of dill. This article on making dill pickles will guide you in making them from scratch.
Kool-Aid pickles are a growing fad among kids. Interestingly, they are in the news, owing to their growing popularity. Players in the pickle industry have started bringing their own Kool-Aid pickles in the market. There's less investment needed and the process, as you just saw, is really simple. So, do consider making these pickles at home.

While some love the color and taste of Koolickles, others find it wacky. Well, that's with Kool-Aid; you hate it or you love it.
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