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How to Make a Deliciously Kick-ass Four Horsemen Drink

How to Make the Four Horsemen Drink
Four Horsemen is basically a cocktail of four different liquors. Check out the recipe to make this shooter, and also some information about its peculiar name.
Vibhav Gaonkar
Last Updated: Jan 21, 2018
Fast Fact
The Four Horsemen drink comprises four different brands of whiskey, each of which has names with the initial 'J'; Jim Beam, Jack Daniel's, Johnie Walker, and Jameson.
Four Horsemen gets its name from the four ingredients that go into it. All four ingredients are different types of whiskeys of four different brands, and all brands are named after men, hence the name. The drink classifies as a shot/shooter drink, and is consumed in a small quantity (30 - 45 ml).

It's quite evident that this drink is very high in alcohol content due to the addition of so many whiskeys; it is served neat without any sort of dilution (not even ice), and therefore can be highly intoxicating. Apart from the original recipe, quite a few variations exist, some of which have been listed here.

So let's see how to make the Four Horsemen drink, followed by some variations that you might quite like.
The Four Horsemen Drink
Shots with whiskey
You will need:
✦ A shot glass
✦ Bourbon whiskey (Jim Beam)
✦ Tennessee whiskey (Jack Daniel's)
✦ Scotch whiskey (Johnie Walker)
✦ Irish whiskey (Jameson)
✦ Cocktail shaker

✦ Combine 10 ml of all four whiskeys in the cocktail shaker, cover and shake until completely blended. Pour into a shot glass and down instantly.
✦ For a better kick, refrigerate the whiskeys beforehand.
Four Horsemen go Sailing
Add 4 parts of the above mentioned whiskeys and 1 part of Captain Morgan rum.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Add 1 part of Bacardi 151 to the original recipe.

Four Horsemen on Fire
Prepare the original recipe as given above, and top it with a highly flammable liquor (like Bacardi 151 or Everclear). Light the glass and serve instantly.

Three Wise Men
In case one of the four whiskeys is skipped, then the drink is referred to as Three Wise Men.

Four Horsemen in a Boat
Substitute Jameson with Jose Cuervo gold tequila, and add 1 part of Grand Marnier cognac. So, 3 parts of whiskey, 1 part of tequila, and 1 part of cognac. Shake and serve instantly.

Four Horsemen at Random
This version serves as a substitute to the original recipe. Combine 1 part each of Goldschlager, Jägermeister, Rumple Minze, and Bacardi 151. The reason for the name is that the drink is made up of 4 completely different drinks, and not whiskeys with same initials.
Now you are all set to make Four Horsemen or one of its variations and enjoy with family and friends. As mentioned earlier, the drink can lead to high levels of intoxication, so do take appropriate measures to stay safe.