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How to Make Exquisite Looking Chocolate Curls for Garnish

How to Make Chocolate Curls for Garnish
Be warned: making chocolate curls is not what we'd call 'a breeze'. But Tastessence takes you step by step in creating these little pieces of chocolaty heaven.
Renuka Savant
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
"Anything is good if it's made of chocolate."
―Jo Brand
Anyone who has devoted even five minutes of his life to make anything involving chocolate, knows that it can be quite the temperamental ingredient. And no, we're not considering Nutella here.

Cooking with chocolate basically requires a lot of dedication, and not to mention, patience as well. Making chocolate curls does seem like a cakewalk at first, but it can take a while before you master the fine art that it actually is.

Let's begin with knowing what we will be needing to make those exquisite-looking chocolate curls.
How to Make Chocolate Curls
Assuming this to be your first try at making chocolate curls, it is advisable to start small. You can make a small batch by using a bowl of semi-sweetened chocolate chips or a small-sized bar of baker's chocolate. It's better to use chips, as they melt uniformly and faster than a bar. Here's all the apparatus you'll need. And the ingredient is just chocolate, of course.
Chocolate chips
Chocolate chips
Cookie sheet
Cookie sheet
Blue bowl
Microwave-safe bowl
Clasp knife
Icing knife
◾ Measure 3 oz of chocolate into a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave the chocolate on a high setting for 30 to 45 seconds, until it has melted into a thick consistency.

◾ Alternatively, you can use the double boiler to melt it. If you don't have one, just fill up a large saucepan less than half way with water and place it on the stove to heat it. Use a smaller bowl with the chocolate in it and place it on the boiling water in the saucepan. Keep stirring it occasionally until the chocolate has melted entirely.

◾ Remember, never heat a bowl of chocolate directly on a flame, as it burns real quick, and you'll just render it worthless.

◾ The next step is to take your cookie sheet and turn it upside down. Pour the melted chocolate over it.

◾ Next, use your icing knife to spread the melted chocolate all over the surface of the cookie sheet, making the layer as thin as possible. However, do not go overboard and spread it so thin that you can see the cookie sheet through it. Keep in mind the basic thickness of a chocolate shaving while executing this step.
Chocolate curls
This is how your chocolate curls should turn up.
◾ Now, let the chocolate cool naturally at room temperature. But if you happen to live in extremely hot climes, it would be a good idea to stick the tray in the freezer for no more than 30 seconds.

◾ Place your fingerprint on one corner of the spread―it should leave the slightest mark, but not an actual depression, in case it is ready. The idea is to bring the chocolate to a 'not too hard' or 'not too soft', but a 'just right' kind of state.

◾ The 'just right' state is when you use your knife to make the scrapes, and it actually curls and doesn't break or stays too soft. Achieving this consistency may take a little practice, so be patient. You can also use a vegetable peeler instead of a knife if you feel uncomfortable using the latter.

◾ Use smooth and firm movements while making the scrapes. Remember that there will be a lot of breakage, and you must resist eating them! You'd rather transfer them to the bowl and use them to make a second batch.
Brownie with chocolate curls
Use them to glam up any dessert instantly!
◾ Place the curls on wax paper and transfer them immediately into a ziploc bag. Do this delicately, lest they break. Store these curls in the fridge, and bring them out to garnish any dessert you wish to fancify.
Like we said, chocolate curls are an easy way to add a dash of glamor to any dessert. It can be as simple as a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or something more complex like a tiramisu. And if you insist on a healthy option, you can use them to top your oatmeal porridge too―as long as you only use a spoonful.
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